NIFT 2023 Personal Interview

                                      NIFT 2023 Personal Interview

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is conducting the NIFT 2023 Personal Interview for the PG course starting today or 20th march 2023.

The Personal Interview will Take through Online (Zoom Link). The interview time booking period is available until March 16th before 5 pm.

Candidates can reserve their spots if they have been selected for a live interview. The NIFT 2023 outcome will include information about the state.

On March 13, 2023, the NIFT 2023 written test results were published.

Latest Update about the NIFT 2023 Personal Interviews

Applicants can Book slots for personal Interviews by Clicking Here.

The Key points Related to the NIFT 2023 (GD) Group Discussion
  1. The Duration of the test will be 15 to 20 Minutes.
  2. The subject matter Discussion of the given case study will be part of the exam.
  3. Evaluation of the GD – The following criteria will be used to assess the candidates:
  • The Conceptual Clarity
  • The Knowledge of the given Topic
  • The input provided on the topic
  • Personality traits the capacity to think of fresh concepts
  • Approach to tackling problems
  • features of leadership
  • Successful collaboration
Here are some important Key Points related to the NIFT 2023 Personal Interview

For personal discussion, there won’t be a set time restriction. The average length of the discussion is between 15 and 30 minutes.

  1. The applicant will be evaluated according to factors like:
  • A focus on a career
  • Properness for the task
  • Overall individual accomplishments in school and extracurricular pursuits Communication
  • general consciousness,
  • Aptitude, and lateral, inventive reasoning
Here you can find sample Questions for NIFT 2023 Personal Interview: – 
  • It’s possible to ask the candidate to identify themselves.
  • Interest and hobby-related questions, particularly those pertaining to fashion and design.
  • What the candidate plans to do when they finish their school curriculum (say, after completion of the B.Des or M.Des program).
  • Who are the most influential artists that the nominee admires, and why?
  • What encouraged the applicant to seek a profession in design?
  • the candidate’s resume and body of work.
  • The candidate’s assets and liabilities.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What exactly is fashion design, how important is it today, etc.?
  • what the applicant anticipates from the design curriculum.
  • How does the applicant stay up to speed with design news and trends?
How to Pass the NIFT Personal Interview in 2023
  • To succeed in the NIFT personal interview in 2023, the applicant needs to adhere to the following advice.
  • Be prompt – The first stage involves the candidate arriving at the testing site on time.
  • Be well-groomed – While the candidate’s appearance is not a straight selection factor, it will undoubtedly contribute to the expert panel’s creation of a favourable impression of the candidate.
  • Possess good manners. It’s crucial to regulate one’s feelings and act appropriately. For instance, make sure you respectably welcome the jurors and request a seat. Don’t neglect to leave the phone in silent mode as well.
  • Make eye contact to give off the impression that you are self-assure and secure in your own flesh.
  • Be sincere and a good observer – You must project an air of curiosity and pay close attention to what the panellists are saying.

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