New Year 2023 | When is New Year this year in 2023

New Year 2023 is hopeful last year 3 year we spent our time-fighting COVID. This year as well the new Sub variant of corona Omicron is creating negative news. The New Year’s Day in 2023 will be on Sunday, January 1st. New Year’s Day is a public holiday that is celebrated around the world to mark the beginning of a new year according to the Gregorian calendar, which is the most widely used civil calendar in the world. The employee will not be much happy as it is on public holiday and can’t get extra holidays.

New Year, a time for new resolutions, a new beginning of the year, the first day in the calendar, is celebrated as a festival worldwide. Every New Year brings an increase in the calendar’s year count by one. Many countries follow the 1st of January, as the start of the year, and hence globally that very day is referred to as New Year’s Day.  There are however countries like Nepal, China, and a few others that abide by their own calendar. The worldwide recognized January 1 is the first day of the year in the original Julian calendar and Roman calendar.


Different New Years’ Day around the world.

It is a well-known fact that not the entire world follows the same calendar. Various cultures use different types of calendars to recognize their year. Despite the difference in the celebration day, the gratitude and gratefulness that people feel during the New Year remain the same. It is the day when people overcome their past look forward to a new beginning and start a new chapter.

Nepalese people are currently celebrating the year 2978 ad per the Bikram Sambat Calendar. Chinese people mark the 5th of Feb, as New Year’s Day, as it is the first year of the pig, one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs that rotate the earth every year. It is also the longest New Year which lasts up to 15 days. The Burmese and Thai New Year lasts up to several days. 


New Year dates from Every Calendar:

  1. Western Australia celebrates New Year on the 30th of October, the name of their calendar is Aboriginal Mirador.
  2. Sri Lanka celebrates New Year named Aluth Avurudda on April 13-14.
  3. Cambodia celebrates New Year named Chol Chnam Thmey on April 13-15.
  4. Chinese New Year is named Chun Jie which is celebrated between Jan 21 and Feb 20.
  5. Marwari and Gujrati celebrate New Year on Diwali in India in Mid- October or Mid-     November.
  6. Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine celebrate New Year as per Eastern Orthodox Church New Year which falls on Jan 14.
  7. Ethiopia celebrates Enkutatash on 12th September.
  8. Muslim people globally celebrate Hijri on 22nd September.
  9. Hindu populations globally celebrate Vikram Sambat on 22nd March.


What is New Year based on?

New Year began from an ancient Roman custom, the feast of the Roman god Janus. God Janus is the god of doorways and beginning, which was the prime objective of having a New Year, a gateway for the new beginning.


Why do people like celebrating the New Year?

An individual needs something to motivate them for a fresh start, New Year is that Motivation. It is that time of the year when one finally comes to terms with their past issues and makes a resolution to overcome them and become a better and improved version. 

Some celebrate it because it gives them a sense of positivity, and a second chance to make it through in the upcoming days. We start the New Year with warmth, surrounded by loved ones, full of positivity and enthusiasm for future endeavors, and hope to remain so throughout the year.

People have also started to look at New Year as the best marketing day. It is high time for the sales of greeting cards, flowers, gifts, and many more. The popularity of New Year helps many restaurants and hotels to make a good income. People visit their hometowns, and hence country inns also get profited.


Greetings for New Year 2023 to your loved ones:

New Year is all about exchanging pleasantries, greetings, positivity, and gifts. Be it a co-worker, a friend, an acquaintance, or a relative, passing a warm New Year with pleasant quotes and unique greetings is highly encouraged. One can simply wish the other person up-front, or give them a nice greeting card with a sweet message inside. Well, won’t your loved one receive a card with a note on it? So, let’s see the greetings that can be exchanged during the New Year 2023:

  1. Happy New Year to my precious one.

  2. May this year bring nothing but happiness and good health your way.

  3. Thanks for making the past year bearable.

  4. Only If I have a word to express how glad I am to find you, and how I wish to be never parted from here onwards.

  5. May your New Year be great, and so be the rest of the year.

  6. When I sit down to count my blessings over the past year, you my dear are one of them.

  7. Hope you have a year full of possibilities.

  8. May you and your family have a peaceful and healthy year.

  9. Thank you for all the encouragement and support. 

  10. I treasure our time together.

  11. it’s a brand new notebook, write it with amazing stories filled with success and happiness.

  12. The upcoming year shall bring you everything you have ever wished for. 

  13. May this year surround you with positive people.

  14. Don’t let the huddles of the past define your future.

  15. You are loved.

  16. You make a great difference in people’s life.

  17. I have enjoyed your company, and look forward to it in the coming days.

  18. Happy New Year!

  19. Best wishes from our family to yours.


Few New Year 2023 messages that you can include in the greetings:

  1. I look back and see the huddles I passed, a few people who always motivated me to make it through them are the ones I admire and look up to the most. Let me tell you, you are one of those people and I cannot be more grateful for that.
  2. Last year was rough, a lot to take in, and a lot that was lost. You were one of the few things that were the highlight of the year.
  3. When I first met you I had no idea how adherently I love and admire you.
  4. You saw a spark in me, touched me like no one before, and now whatever I am, I owe it to you.
  5. Can I keep you as my New Year’s gift for the rest of my life?
  6. Today I just would like to vent about how much you mean to me, what your presence does to my vibe, and how I want to be a better person so I can prove to you that I do deserve you.
  7. If I loved you less I might be able to write how I feel about you more.
  8. I have had my share of pride in avoiding how much I am affected by you, but my feelings won’t be repressed. Allow me to say, you are by far the best thing that happened to me.
  9. This year is going to be a hell of a journey, and want you in every bit of it.
  10. Thank you for your love and kindness.
  11. You make the world a better place.
  12. You make me happy. You’re my home.


Will Covid-19 affect the New Year 2023 this year as well?

As per the current update, there is less chance of Covid-19 affecting the upcoming events. A few weeks ago, the BF.7 Sub-variant of the Omicron variant was introduced to the world, which spiked alertness amongst government bodies. For a few days, many countries took immediate measures to limit their transmitting chances. There are many countries that were almost ready to shut their borders, and a few did cancel the international flight from the infected countries. Several European countries reapplied the Covid-19 precaution and made them mandatory. Many appeals from the government to discourage the less important mass events till the danger subsides.

There have not been many fatalities due to BF.7 sub-variant Omicron so far. Also, there are fewer death rates and even the infected ones are not showing severe symptoms. It is not wise to take this lightly that is for sure, but given the results, people are fearing it less. If the statistics for the fatalities due to Omicron remains as it is to the death, there are fewer chances that it will affect holiday seasons. People around the globe have lived with Covid-19 fear, now they prefer not to continue doing so. People have been vaccinated and even started taking boosters. So if you are one of those you may want to continue planning for the holidays. Be careful with the safety issues though.


What is your plan for this New Year 2023? Please share your thoughts and resolution for this New year 2023.

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