Nepal Republic Media will launch its first IPO for the general public, valued at Rs 43.53 billion

Nepal Republic Media IPO for the general public: valued at Rs 43.53 billion: The Nepal Republic Media Limited IPO proposal is now being processed by SEBON. To issue a total of 43,53,000 shares, the company has submitted a request to the capital market regulator. The corporation will gain Rs. 43.53 crores from this.

On Tuesday, Kartik, the application was submitted. The issue manager for the IPO has been chosen: Mega Capital Markets Limited. The first media company to provide an initial public offering (IPO) to the general public is Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd., the publishing company for the daily newspapers Shukrabar, Republica, and Nagarik in Nepali.

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About Nepal Republic Media

Nepal Republic Media (NRM) Private Limited, founded in 2009, has grown to become one of the country’s leading and most respected media organizations. NRM publishes a Nepali weekly tabloid, Shukrabar, as well as two online news sites, nagariknews, and myrepublica. In addition to two broadsheet daily newspapers, Nagarik (in Nepali) and Republica (in English). With the help of a dedicated team of professional journalists and managers, NRM has carved a niche in the ever-expanding Nepali media scene, making a significant impact on society and influencing decision-makers.

Nepal Republic Media IPO is a hope that Nepal’s private sector is really making moves. In a couple of years, we will see another good company as well on the list. It’s in the pipeline of SEBON and soon after approval, we will see the IPO of NRM. You

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