Nepal Cooking School

Nepal Cooking School is a renowned culinary institution located in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2012, this training center provides professional cooking classes to locals and tourists interested in learning the art of Nepalese cuisine. It offers a variety of classes, ranging from basic cooking techniques to advanced culinary skills. The classes running by experienced chefs who are passionate about Nepalese cuisine and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with students. It offers classes in English, and the instructors are fluent in the language, making it easy for international students to follow the lessons.

The curriculum covers a wide range of Nepalese dishes, including momos, dal bhat, chow mein, and thukpa, among others. The classes are hands-on, allowing students to prepare the dishes themselves under the guidance of the instructors. It also provides students with the opportunity to visit local markets and buy fresh ingredients, giving them a deeper understanding of Nepalese cuisine. This training center has a spacious and well-equipped kitchen that is designed to provide students with a professional cooking experience. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and tools, allowing students to learn and practice using the latest culinary equipment. The school has received positive reviews from students who praise the instructors’ expertise, the quality of the ingredients, and the friendly and welcoming environment.

About This Training Center

Name: Nepal Cooking School
Address: Saat Ghumti Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 01- 4700419 /980-3894085
Email: [email protected]
Establishment: 2012 A.D.
Type: Training Center

Facilities Offered:

  • Modern and Well-equipped Classrooms
  • Highly Professional Trainers
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Market Visit
  • Recipe Book
  • Friendly and Welcoming Environment

Programs Offered:

1. Basic Nepali Cooking Course
2. Advanced Nepali Cooking Course
3. Vegetarian Nepali Cooking Course
4. Vegan Nepali Cooking Course
5. Private Cooking Classes
6. Corporate Team Building Events

Location Map Of This Training Center

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