Neosphere: Graphics Design Course Training Institute

Neosphere: Graphics Design Course Training Institute at Kathmandu, Nepal

The course description about graphics design training at Neosphere is almost the same as described above in the heading “Graphic Design”.

Neosphere promises to provide students with all the necessary resources to get them started on the graphic designing course.

The course is said to be for them who are daydreamers, love colors, love storytelling, and are active imaginers. Neosphere promises to help these people harness their visualization and creativity so that they can create something brilliant with their active imagination.

Course Module

  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Image Magic
  • Photography
  • Sketching
  • Design for Print and Advertising
  • Page Design
  • Print Portfolio


Graphic Design Course Module – Neosphere


  • Competitive advantage to the trainees via collaboration between its thought leaders and industry experts
  • Looks forward to keeping up with the technology trends and the digital future
  • Customized teaching methodology as per students’ qualifications as well as the requirement
  • Student-oriented teaching approach
  • Hands-on-training and real-world-knowledge over its courses
  • Industry exposure to the students to prepare them for the competitive job market
  • Placement assistance


Neosphere comprise a team of experienced instructors who seem to put their effort into teaching graphic design and its techniques to the students.

These industry experts seem to understand learners’ psychology and thus deliver instructions accordingly.

We’ll drop a profile of one such instructor of Neosphere here.

Print and Desing: Graphics Design Course Training Instructor at Neosphere Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dipendra Dhakal (3D Max, Maya, Adobe Products)

– Dipendra Dhakal is a well-known expert in Graphic, VFX, and 3D applications for both training and production companies in Nepal

Use of Tools & Software

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Plugins, etc.

Students Work

We’ll drop some pictures showing students who learn graphic design at Neosphere Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Print and Design work by students from Neosphere institute, Kathmandu, Nepal

Image: Students’ work on the graphic design who learn the same at Neosphere


Graduates from the course will be receiving:

  • Certificate of accomplishment from Neosphere

Career Opportunities

After learning Graphic Design at Neosphere and getting the required certification, you can work as a/an:

  • Multimedia Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Photo Editing / Photoshop Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • UX Designer

Why is Neosphere Best for Learning Graphic Design in Kathmandu Nepal?

Let’s first tell you why we’re giving a dedicated heading to describe why we think that Neosphere is the best graphic design training institute in Kathmandu valley.

There are numerous institutes in Kathmandu and all of them seem to put similar arguments regarding why they are the best.

Most of these arguments are based on the facilities, infrastructures, experienced instructors, certificates, and placements that they offer.

After our case study, we found the same in Neosphere as well, but what things make this institute stand out, let’s see:


Neosphere is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal that is easily accessible via every place in the valley through public and private means of transportation.


The Graphic Design training course in Neosphere starts from Rs. 15,000 only for early bird classes (contact Neosphere for terms and conditions).


Neosphere is slightly new compared to some other institutes that offer graphic design lessons to the aspirants.

It seems aggressive and competitive with its facilities, infrastructures, course offerings, and all the other factors that determine a learning institute suitable for the learners.

Final Words

We’ve been doing case studies on IT and graphic designing courses and institutes in Kathmandu that offer these courses, for quite a long time now. We recommend you to definitely take a look at Neosphere if you want to learn graphic design or any other courses related to IT or graphics designing in the valley.

You can register for the Graphic Design course at Neosphere via the given link.

Also, don’t forget to write us what you think about this case study and do write to us if you think any other institute(s) is/are the best one(s) for learning graphic design in Kathmandu so that we can consider it/them for our upcoming case studies.

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