Narayani Kids Zone Montessori Pre-School

Narayani Kids Zone Montessori Pre-School is a well-known preschool located in Narayani-8, Parbatipur, Chitwan, Nepal. The school provides high-quality early childhood education to young children, ages 2.5 to 6 years old. It follows the Montessori philosophy of education, which emphasizes a child-friendly approach to learning, where children can explore and learn at their own pace.

The school has a team of qualified and experienced teachers in the Montessori method. They provide a warm, caring, and nurturing environment that fosters children’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The school’s curriculum develops children’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills, with a focus on hands-on learning experiences.

About This Preschool

Name: Narayani Kids Zone Montessori Pre-School
Medium: English | Nepali
Address: Narayani-8, Parbatipur, Chitwan, Nepal
Contact: 9865105160 / 9855051336
Type: Pre School

Facilities Offered:

  • Montessori materials
  • Outdoor spaces
  • ECA
  • Festivals Celebration
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Well-Furnished Classrooms
  • Trained Teachers

Best Preschool In Chitwan

Narayani Kids Zone Montessori Pre-School is one of the best preschools located in Narayani-8, Parbatipur, Chitwan, Nepal. The school offers various facilities that support children’s learning and development. These facilities include a well-equipped play area, a library, and a computer lab. The play area is  set up to provide children with opportunities to engage in physical activities and develop their motor skills. It has a computer lab with modern computers that are used to introduce children to technology and its applications. In addition to academic programs, the school offers various extracurricular activities, including music, dance, and sports. These activities help children develop their creative and physical abilities while also promoting socialization and teamwork.

Location Map Of The Preschool

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