Mandakini Hydropower will issue 1176073 shares to the general public

In the second phase of the IPO, Mandakini Hydropower will issue 1176073 shares to the general public starting in Shrawan 09. The issue will end on Shrawan 12, 2079 BS if entirely enrolled. The application deadline will be extended until Shrawan 23, 2079 BS, however, if it remains undersubscribed at that time.

The mutual fund plans are given 58,803 shares or 5% of the total number of shares. Similarly, 23,521 shares, or 2%, are cast aside for firm employees. Therefore, the remaining 10,93,749 shares are open to participation by the general public. One may submit an application for as few as 10 shares or as many as 100,000 shares.

About Mandakini Hydropower

Founded with the goal of creating, owning, and managing hydroelectric projects in Nepal The Sardi Khola Hydropower Station is owned by Mandakini Hydropower Pvt. Ltd., an Independent Power Producers Association Nepal (IPP) in Nepal. It is a run-of-river hydroelectric facility that is situated in Nepal’s Kaski District. Four megawatts (MW) of power are produced using the flow from the Sardi River. The facility began producing power on August 23, 2074 BS.

Mandakini Hydropower

The facility will be turned over to the government after the generation license expires in 2105-03-12 BS.
The electricity generated by the power plant is sold to Nepal Electricity Authority and also is connected to the national grid.

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