Manasara Boys Hostel

Manasara Boys Hostel is located at Godhuli Marg, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal is one of the best boys’ hostels in that area. The warden of this hostel is friendly in nature and well-mannered he handles college students in a positive way. This hostel never disappoints its students in terms of food and cleanliness. Running a boy’s hostel is not easy in such areas but the warden has fulfilled all his responsibilities and duties to run this hostel smoothly.

The main objective of this hostel is to keep the students healthy. This hostel provides hygienic four meals a day including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. The owner has opened this hostel in a spacious area for providing greenery and a clean environment for the students.

About This  Hostel

Name: Manasara Boys’ Hostel
Establishment: 2078
Type: Boys Hostel
Address: Godhuli Marg, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal
Contact: 9779852026582

Infrastructure & Facilities:

• 24*7 Water
• Internet
• Laundry Facilities
• Hygienic Food
• Playing area
• Clean Rooms

Best Boys Hostel in Biratnagar

Manasara Boys Hostel is one of the best boys’ hostels in Biratnagar. This hostel lies between many colleges. It can be the best hostel for students having college nearby this hostel, they can save time. The warden and owner have especially focused on providing hygienic food for the students. There is a laundry facility twice a week.

Manasara Boys Hostel has a spacious area to conduct any kind of extra activities such as sports for the students living here. They also provide first-aid treatment to students in case of any injuries.

Location Map of the hostel

Land Mark: Godhuli Marg, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal


Therefore, students or working person living in Biratnagar can consider Manasara Boys hostel once. You can find boys or girls hostel nearby your location anywhere inside or outside the valley by visiting the largest education network in Nepal.

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