Lower Secondary Level Results Published by Shikshak Sewa Aayog (Maths Science)

Lower Secondary Level Results Published by Shikshak Sewa Aayog (Maths Science). Notice from the Teacher Service Commission (Shikshak Sewa Aayog) on the release of the results. Of the written mathematics and science test for the position of third-grade teacher at the lower secondary level. The Teachers Service Commission held an open competitive written (general and subject). Examination on 17 Chaitra 2078 and 11 Ashar 2079 for the lower secondary level third-grade teacher. In accordance with the Commission’s decision dated 10 Mangsir 2079. According to their roll number. The following applicants can be selected for an interview at the aforementioned time, place, and date.

Candidates should bring certain documents and other materials to the interview:
  1. Each applicant should fill out the personal information form at the interview facility on the day of their interview.
  2. In addition to the file attested by the candidate. The following original papers should submit, together with one copy of each original.
  • citizen identification document
  • Admit card
  • Teaching certification
  • A transcript showing completion of the required educational requirements for the level in question and. If appropriate, the higher educational requirements for the topic in question.
  • Certificate of Equivalency in the event that a foreign university is using to get a degree in education
  • One duplicate of a recently taken passport-size picture
  • If employed, a letter of the temporary appointment
  • A certificate attesting to at least 10 months of education-related training (The same will be regarded as training if you have a certificate level or higher education certification from the Faculty of Education.)
  • Candidates should present a certificate of service attested by the head of the pertinent education development and coordination unit or the head of the education branch of the pertinent local district if they have continuously worked as teachers under the temporary or relief subsidy quota at the relevant level.
  • Copies of all certifications that applicants presented, comprehensive records of continuous service, and the commission’s personal information report must be submitted and submitted.
Lower Secondary Level Results Published by Shikshak Sewa Aayog
  1. If candidates don’t submit the necessary complete papers, they won’t be invite to the interview.
  2. If it is got that a candidate calls and cave into personal pressures in an effort to ace the interview. The commission may opt to postpone the individual’s examination.
  3. The commission will not alter or reschedule the interview’s scheduled time without prior notification.
  4. In accordance with Rule 26(1) of the Teachers Service Commission Niamwali, 2057. The application form of a candidate who does not fulfill the requisite minimum qualification, subject, and full marks should withdrawn at any time.
  5. In compliance with Rule 204 of the Teachers Service Commission Rules, 2057. The names of the candidates who got higher-level recommendations should omitte from the results list. The name of a candidate may at any point have their name taken from the list if there is an exception to this rule.
  6. Any errors pertaining to the release of the results should address by comparison with the Commission’s records. It may be found on the www.tsc.gov.np website of other commissions relevant to this.

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