Lok Sewa Aayog Surkhet Exam Center 

Lok Sewa Aayog Surkhet Exam Center | Lok Sewa Aayog Surkhet Exam Center is public on Baisakh 10, 2080. Lok Sewa Aagyog central office Ad. No.  16696-16702/078-79 ( Open / Inclusive) for joint and Edakkrit, R.P. 3rd Class, (Apradavadic) Branch Adhikrit or similar post.

Candidates who are successful in the first stage of the technical aptitude test, from the Surkhet and Jumla exam center are eligible for the 2nd phase exam. The 2nd phase exam will take place in the same manner at the same time and venue.

According to the Engineering Civilian Examination Commission’s daily examination schedule, it will take place at various times and places.

This information is available for everyone’s knowledge. This alert is for the information of all parties involved.

Important Details:

  • In accordance with the Commission’s notification, if an unexpected occurrence occurs on the day of the test, the exam will not be postponed.
  • Candidates must bring their enrollment cards to the exam.
  • Candidates must appear at least an hour before the test will start.
  •  Complete documentation of Nepali citizenship or any identity card with a photo issued by the Nepalese government at the time of the examination.
  •  It is against the rules to bring bags, phones, calculators, smart watches, or other valuables into the exam room.
  •  Only black pen is allow to write the exam.

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