Lok Sewa Aayog Madhesh Province | Vacancy for 5th Level Technical & Non-Technical Positions

Lok Sewa Aayog Madhesh Province | Vacancy for 5th Level Technical & Non-Technical Positions. Administration Branch, Province Public Service Commission, Madhesh Province. Promotion notification for the Province Civil Service position of Assistant 5th Level (Non-Technical/Technical). The Province Civil Service Act of 2077 states that qualified applicants from the Province Civil Service will be promoted to occupy the following positions. Are advised to apply by filling out the information requested on the application form provided by the Province Public Service Commission.

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The application form is available for download at www.ppsc.p2.gov.np, the Madhesh Pradesh Public Service Commission website. The concerned candidate should turn in one copy of the application form that has completely fill out to the Commission’s office by the deadline for applications. In accordance with the received promotion notice number, the commission’s office will make arrangements to deliver all application forms received in this manner to the secretariat of the relevant promotion committee in one batch.

Applications are request from applicants who match the requirements list. Because the following services, groups, sub-groups, and levels of the Province Civil Service should fill through open, inclusive, and inter-service competitive examinations. Candidates should use the commission’s online application system at www.ppsconline.p2.gov.np if they have the required basic credentials.

For more information, you can View or Download the Notification below: – Lok Sewa Aayog Madhesh Province

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