Buddha Boys Hostel

Buddha Boys Hostel

Buddha Boys Hostel is a boys hostel in Chahabil, Shanti Goreto-07, Kathmandu, Nepal that is privately owned and managed. They provide proper warden guidance as well as a variety of services such as free Wi-Fi, 24-hour power, and laundry service. Buddha Boys Hostel is one of the best hostels for male students who want to continue their education. Buddha Boys Hostel Hostel was established by Birendra Shah with the intention of providing a second home for students who are far from home. This hostel has successfully maintained its excellence in every area since its beginning.

Buddha Boys Hostel main goal is to provide an academic environment as well as high-quality services. Students from all over Nepal go to Kathmandu in search of a quality higher education and a future potential career. Finding a rented place, cooking food, and managing their room keep them occupied while also causing them stress. These concerns inspired us to design a student home that will make them feel at peace, much like they would at home.

Buddha Boys Hostel is managed by kind and sympathetic individuals who will give you all you need to further your education and knowledge while staying in a foreign place. They would warmly welcome you into this family, guiding and leading you to a fruitful stay in Kathmandu and supporting you in being successful.

Meal Plan in Buddha Boys Hostel:

  • Breakfast
  • Launch
  • Snacks
  • Dinner


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24 hours water
  • Daily Room Cleaning
  • Free admission till (2079-Jesth1-Ashad 1).

Types of Rooms:

  • Single seaters (1 Bed)
  • Two seaters (2 Bed)
  • Triple seaters (3 Bed)
  • Four seaters (4 Bed)
  • Five seaters (5 Bed)

Nearest college:

  • Lumbini Academic College
  • Vinayak Higher Secondary School
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