Karnali Pradesh Syllabus

Karnali Pradesh Syllabus for Levels 4, 5, and 6, including All. The Karnali Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog just announced the syllabus for all levels and jobs. Below are all of the Karnali Pradesh syllabus details. Karnali Pradesh Syllabus pdf download link and details.

Karnali Pradesh Syllabus Loksewa

The Karnali Public Service Commission will be responsible for conducting the exam, to determine which candidates are best suited for employment in state service positions. No appointment will be permanent. The Commission ought to be consulted regarding the standards to be followed when filling and elevating State Police positions. The composition of Loksewa includes Chairman and Two members. Chairman is the head and the one who is the decision maker.

About Karnali Pradesh PSC

Promote the merit system by maintaining fairness and cleanliness in the selection of qualified candidates for the positions of provincial civil service. Provincial police service, provincial assembly service, provincial other government service, provincial organized organization service, and local service, in accordance with the provision in clause (1) of Article 244 of the Constitution of Nepal.
The State Public Service Commission, Karnali Province was established under Section 3 of the State Public Service Commission Act of 2075. The goal is to transform public administration into one that is competent, powerful, and service-oriented. The commission in the province of Karnali was finished on February 6th, 2077, with the appointment of the chairman and members of the provincial public service commission. The office of the Birendranagar Municipality Ward No.8 The commission is located at Milan Chowk, Surkhet.

Karnali Pradesh Syllabus for Loksewa

The commission in the province of Karnali was finished on February 6th, 2077, with the appointment of the chairman and members of the provincial public service commission.  The Karnali Lok Sewa Aayog Syllabus is part of the collection of the Karnali Pradesh Syllabus.
All Non-Technical & Technical Service Level 4th, Level 5th Syllabus. You will find the complete syllabus list on the website. Category and position along with pdf link.
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