A glimpse of Kanya Girls Hostel Baneshwor Teej Celebration 2022

Teej is one of the auspicious festivals In Nepal, and on this occasion, Kanya Girls hostels and family organize beautiful get-togethers and celebration parties. Here are some beautiful moment pictures that are worth Sharing.

Kanya Girls Hostel Teej Celebration

Located at Baneshwor is one of the few hostels that offer friendly and peaceful family accommodations. The owner is sweet and helpful and this is the best part of the hostels. View Kanya Girls hostel Details here.

About Hostels

One of the best hostels for female students who wish to receive an education is Kanya Girls Hostel. New Baneshwor in Kathmandu City is a comfortable location with great transportation. Since its establishment, this hostel has successfully maintained its superiority in every area. The female students at Kanya Girls Hostel can continue their studies in the best environment possible thanks to a variety of modern facilities

Some More Pictures of Teej Celebration At Kanya Girls Hostel

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