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If you are looking for the best Coffee and Barista School and Institute in Kathmandu, then we are going to explain details about Italian Espresso Academy that fulfills your requirement. Italian Espresso Academy Nepal is the best Coffee and Barista School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Italian Espresso Academy is affiliated to Italian Espresso Academy, it’s affiliated to Espresso Academy, Florence, Italy. It is the member of Speciality Coffee Association. It is a subsidiary of One House Solution (OHS) that looks after the academics of Barista training via Italian Espresso Academy.  It also helps in nurturing and developing coffee entrepreneurs who venture into the coffee business. OHS also ventures into coffee trading business in Nepal by selling high-quality coffee machines & raw materials.

The courses at the Italian Espresso Academy, follow the latest trends and evidence of the world of professional coffee, in addition to the classical topics, such as milk frothing, latte art, and machine maintenance. Some of the courses also include coffee roasting, following the different roasting profiles, brewing, with different coffee types, different temperatures and different methods (from the V60 to the Aeropress and so on), cupping the techniques used as a professional approach of coffee tasting, especially in the world of specialty coffees.

Italian Espresso Academy was established with the vision of bringing positive change in the field of coffee education through specialized coursed from farming to the customer experience. Academy aims to be the best in providing coffee education and upgrading the coffee ecosystem in Nepal.


History and Coffee Business in Nepal

 The history of coffee starts from when Hira Giri started coffee production in 1995 B.S in Gulmi. Till a few years back, coffee was not that popular compared to tea in Nepal. However, over the last decade, the habit of coffee consumption has shot up dramatically, especially in Kathmandu and other urban areas.

Nowadays, Cafes and Bakeries are trending business in Nepal. Café became the best place for hangout for MTV generations and Professionals. This all tells that there is a good market for anyone to start a coffee business.


Why Italian Espresso Academy is Best Coffee and Barista Academy in Nepal?


  • Be a Skilled Barista Before Going Abroad for Education and Work

If you are going to abroad for either study or work, you should have some kinds of skill so as to get a job easily. Barista, Coffee making is one of the common and creative hospitality jobs that you can get anywhere in the world. Italian Espresso Academy has been providing such training and classes for passionate students.

  • International Affiliation

Italian Espresso Academy is affiliated to Espresso Academy, Florence, Italy. It comprises a team of 4 internationally certified trainers who teach required coffee making skills to the students and make sure that the students can work in the real world coffee making industry.


  • Guidance in Education and Career to the Students

Italian Espresso Academy provides a hand to hand guidance based on both theoretical and practical education. So, students who are trying to build their career in the Barista and Hospitality field can get special exposure.

  • Trained by the Best Coffee Instructor in the Town

Students will be trained and instructed by the globally certifies trainers at Italian Espresso Academy. This results in trainee can get a good job or even start their own business. It comprises a team of internationally certified trainers who teach required coffee making skills to the students and make sure that the students can work in the real world coffee making industry.

  • Help and Guide for Coffee Businesses

As we mentioned earlier, Italian Espresso Academy Nepal is a one-stop solution for the coffee business, barista training in Nepal. You will learn everything from basic coffee making to fully skilled who coffee maker. The student will learn to prepare a wide variety of coffee like espresso, latte, cappuccino and other varieties of coffee.

Highlights of the Italian Espresso Academy

  • Well-equipped, Interactive and Facilitated Classrooms
  • Internationally Certified Well-trained Instructors
  • Student-centric Environment for Good Learning Experiences
  • Great Alumni Record
  • Value for the Money Barista Skills Learning Experience

Similarly, the academy also helps others set-up their coffee businesses by providing various services like –

  • Coffee Shop Architect Design Services
  • Graphics Design Service (menu, tent cards, boards etc.)
  • Barista Training and Maintenance Service
  • Raw Materials Supplements such as Coffee Beans, Syrups, Sugar Sachets and many more

Diploma in Barista in Nepal

Who can Join Italian Espresso Academy Kathmandu?

  • Are you planning to go abroad?

Trained Baristas are in high demand not only in Nepal but all over the world. If you are trying to go abroad then this academy definitely for you. The course includes knowledge test and practical test which will ensure that the students meet the required standards for a barista. Having good skill and knowledge is a great weapon in everywhere to get a good job.


  • want to start your own business?

Italian Espresso Academy is for those who want to enhance their career in barista, coffee making in Nepal. Italian Espresso Academy is promoted by its parent company One House Solution that sells quality coffee machines like LaCimbali, Red Cherry and so on. It also provides consulting services for the coffee business and helps in setting up coffee cafes by providing raw materials, coffee beans, coffee machines, and overall consulting services.

So, if you are thinking of starting your own coffee business in Nepal, then we strongly recommend you to join Italian Espresso Academy Nepal.

Courses at Italian Espresso Academy Nepal

Total Full-Time Instructor – 4

Contact – Upakar 9801114585

Every Saturday – Career Planning and Life Skills in Coffee

Class Timing – 8 AM – 10:30 AM

10:30 AM – 1 PM

3 PM – 5:30 PM

No. of Student Per Session – 12

No of Student Trained (As of 2018) – 4000+

Two Weeks – Diploma in Barista Training Plan

  • History of Espresso Machine
  • Types of Espresso Machine
  • Parts of Espresso Machine
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Types of Grinders
  • History of Coffee
  • The Coffee Plant
  • The Coffee Cherry
  • Harvesting
  • Green` Beans Processing
  • Types of Roasting Machines
  • Stages of the Roast
  • What Happen to Coffee While Roasting
  • Enemies of Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Packaging
  • Four Fundamental Espresso
  • Italian Espresso Recipe
  • Espresso Tasting
  • The Taste and Balance
  • Espresso Excellence
  • Milk Frothing Technique
  • Basic Latte Art Technique
  • Alternative Brewing
  • Customer Service
  • POS
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Hygiene
  • Recipe Card for more than 50 Different
  • HOT/COLD Beverages

Barista Training (Short Term Course)

Duration – 1 Week

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of Barista
  • Basic knowledge of the Coffee industry
  • Understanding the tools and equipment of Coffee Bar
  • Learning basic art of Espresso

Barista Training (Basic Level)

Duration – 2 Weeks (2.5 hours per day, 1-week Internship optional). This course which is more detailed is designed for someone who wants to seriously get started in the coffee industry.

Course Highlights:

  • Barista Training (Basic Level)
  • Latte Arts Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Milk pouring styles
  • Different types of Latte Arts (Heart, Rosetta, Weaving Heart, Heart Swirl, Tulip, Swan etc.)


 About One House Solution (OHS)

One House Solution (OHS) is one stop coffee business solution for those who are looking for the best starting coffee business in NepalOne House Solution (OHS) offers free unlimited coffee making training and tutorialsin Nepal. Similarly, other OHS services include coffee expertise, coffee machines, raw materials, and in-house and out-house branding to any person who wishes to have his/her coffee outlet to any part of Nepal.

One House Solution sells quality coffee machines like La Cimbali, Red Cherry and others. It also provides consulting services for the coffee business and helps in setting up coffee cafes by providing raw materials, coffee beans, coffee machines, and overall consulting services.

One House Solution is one stop solution for complete coffee business. It provides a wide range of coffee making, barista training, coffee machine selling, coffee house set up and many more. If you are looking for the best coffee machine in Kathmandu of thinking of setting up a coffee shop business, then One House Solution (OHS) is there to help you.


Buy Coffee Making Machine in Nepal

One House Solution (OHS) has been providing a wide variety of coffee making machines in Nepal. Being one of the leading Coffee/ Barista Training and solution in Nepal, OHS has got genuine coffee making machines and other accessories at a reasonable price.


LaCimbali M26 Machine in Nepal

Lacimbali machine in Nepal

The LaCimbali M26 Machine is easy to use, control and maintain. M26 is made from steel and ABS and comes equipped with a reliable LaCimbali thermal system. The new M26 has a new elect mechanical button panel, longer steam wands, and a service display to ensure up-to-date information.


M27 RE Machine in Nepal

M27 coffee machine in Nepal

If you are thinking the king of buying M27 RE Coffee Making machine in Kathmandu, then OHS has got the latest model of machine. M27 RE is made of steel and aluminum and is equipped with a reliable and high-performance fixed-nozzle thermosiphon system able to guarantee an excellent result in the cup. Available in the 2- and 3-group dosed and continuous versions, M27 RE features selection panels with prompt and precise push buttons (the chosen selection is signaled by a LED) and is available in white, black and red. The wide logo strip on the front of M27 RE is ideal for adding your own personalization.


M34 Selectron Machine in Nepal

m34 coffee machine in nepal

M34 is a new automotive look, and a gutsy temperament: M34 Cimbali guarantees a versatile response to all your reliability and production needs. Advanced electronics for a perfect espresso and top quality drinks. Hi-tech solutions for saving energy. Painstaking attention to the design. M34 – the ideal tool for winning the most exciting challenge: satisfying your customers.


M39 TE Dosatron Machine in Nepal

m39 machine in nepal

M39 TE features new and advanced electronics machine designed, implemented and built to develop and improve coffee business. The new technology allows the management of interfaces for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


M100 Machine in Nepal

m100 coffee machine in nepal

M100 is the new professional machine for the bar! Its groups, of curved and rounded shape, recall those coffee machines characterized by hydraulic groups, while its simple design, aimed at the maximum ease of use combined with the highest performance in terms of the quality in the cup, expresses an approach attentive to the needs and tastes of the contemporary barista.


Besides these machines, you can also find other coffee and Barista related products like BB012-AT-MN, BB012-TM, TM-800A OMNIBLEND V, HURON HH SERIES, FDL Syrup etc.


Address of Italian Espresso Academy Kathmandu

Star mall, Putalisadak Kathmandu

Contact – 01-4012636, 9801019422, 9851119422

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Address of One House Solution (OHS)

Uttar Dhoka, Lazimpat, Kathmandu Nepal

Contact – 9851145462, 9849680813, 9851162373

Email – [email protected]

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