Internship opportunities for female Engineers

Internship opportunities for female Engineers: – The Government of Nepal (GoN) is receiving technical assistance (TA) from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) for the implementation of the Trail Bridge Sub Sector Program (TBSSP) and the Motorable Roads Bridge Program (MLRBP) in Nepal.

Fresh female engineers with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering can apply on behalf of SDC for traineeship jobs at LRBSU/CIAS-MEH JV to obtain practical experience in engineering and management during the construction of trail motorable bridges.

Candidates can’t stop the internship program in the middle. They should complete the entire internship program. For this post total of 21 (Twenty-one) Candidates are required.

Interested Nepalese candidates who meet the above conditions are requested to visit the site (, fill out an online application, and submit it. The candidate’s eligibility will be automatically cancel upon any inquiry. Only those who have made the shortlist will be hearing from us.

The CIAS-MEH JV supports diversity in the workforce and treats applicants from marginalized groups with positive discrimination. Women exclusively, ideally from the underrepresented castes of Dalit, Janjati, Madhesi/Terai, and the disadvantaged Newar caste, are eligible for the traineeship opportunity.

Internship opportunities for female Engineers Details: –  

Internship opportunities for female
Internship opportunities for female

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