International Hotel Training School (IHTS): Best Institute for Professional Cookery Course in Kathmandu Nepal, A Case Study

This is the case study of International Hotel Training School (IHTS) regarding why it’s the best institute in Kathmandu Nepal for Professional Cookery course.

We’ve prepared this case study after a deep observation over all the professional cookery courses taught by different institutes in Kathmandu valley.

We went through both the national and international entities that offer their Professional Cookery Certificates to the students via different institutes.

Similarly, we observed all the facilities, infrastructures, opportunities, exposures, partnerships, affiliations, services, alumni record, faculty members, fees structure, internships, job placement, recognition, course curriculum, and many other parameters of all the institutes of Kathmandu in order to run this case study, and came to the conclusion that the International Hotel Training School (IHTS) is the best institute for professional cookery course in Kathmandu Nepal, on this time.

We’ll discuss all these parameters turn by turn in a way that it’d be easy for you to understand why we’re saying International Training School (IHTS), located in Bhimsengola Chowk, near Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal is the best institute in Kathmandu Nepal for a professional cookery course.

We are giving you a brief introduction of the institute itself first, then the professional cookery course description in the institute, and finally all the other courses offered by it.

About International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

International Hotel Training School (IHTSis the first hotel training school in Nepal under the leadership of existing dynamic Food & Beverage Director, Executive Chef of a 5-star deluxe hotel of Nepal.

International Hotel Training School, IHTSInternational Hotel Training School (IHTS) Building

It’s the CTH London Approved Center in Nepal for Professional Cookery Course. Here CTH stands for the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality.

IHTS has all sorts of courses for you, from short-term to long-term ones. All the courses are internationally recognized and carefully handled by the institute so that students can learn and implement the skills after the completion of the course.

Similarly, all the courses are a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, complemented by the internships. Internships provide students with the experience of working in the real hotel industry and prepare them to work efficiently under pressure.

IHTS comprises highly experienced faculty members who are themselves the industry experts and holds immense working experience in the hotel industry of Nepal as well as outside of the country.

These faculty members make sure that the students learn what they are teaching and at the same time, prepare for the commercial workplace.

Here we’re skipping the courses offered part of the Institute for the latter part of the article and will discuss the professional cookery course and its structure at IHTS.

What is Professional Cookery Course?

Professional Cookery course familiarizes students with various kitchen environments. It teaches students to cook and prepare food by using heat.

It includes the use of various methods in order to cook the food as well as teaches students about nutrition and the impact of food in the human body.

Similarly, it equips the understanding of kitchen management to the students.

The professional cookery is similar to any other cookery courses but comprises more technical and management aspects to it.

Professional Cookery Course at the International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

IHTS offers a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery course. Its course duration is 1 year that comprises 6 months of training and 6 months of internships.

Course Structure

Students must study the mandatory units from the Level 3 Certificate plus a choice of five additional options that allow them to focus on particular areas of interest. They can select from:

  • Food safety practices in the preparation, service & storage of food
  • Kitchen organization
  • High volume food production
  • Food product development
  • Nutrition & producing healthier dishes
  • Techniques & skills in producing fermented dough products
  • Producing farinaceous goods
  • Vegetarian cookery
  • Ethnic cookery
  • International cookery

Course Merits

  1. Launching a career as a Chef
  2. Using various types of kitchen equipment effectively
  3. Creating and developing new menu items
  4. Gain understanding and skills pertaining to Kitchen Management
  5. Understanding of Health and Safety

Why is International Hotel Training School (IHTS) Best for Professional Cookery Course in Kathmandu Nepal?

Here we’ll describe this sub-topic in two different perspective – first the course itself and second all the other factors in IHTS that proves it the best for the course.


The Level 3 Professional Diploma in Cookery at IHTS is offered by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), London.

This internationally recognized and prestigious cookery course comes with a perfect curriculum that provides students with an opportunity to learn the degree both theoretically and practically.

It covers a wide range of topics under cookery and cooking management and techniques. Thus, the course completion opens a wide number of windows for you in terms of career and industrial work.

The course is equally supported by regular evaluation, exercises, and tests given to the students.

Similarly, this institute manages to get a learner-centered environment, led by Executive Chef of the 5-star deluxe hotel of Nepal.

Other Factors:

Other factors that decide IHTS as the best institute for the given course include:

  • Facilities & infrastructures
  • Opportunities
  • Exposures
  • Partnerships
  • Affiliations
  • Services
  • Alumni record
  • Faculty members
  • Fees structure
  • Internships
  • Job placement
  • Recognition
  • Course curriculum etc.

IHTS offers all the facilities that are required to the students to learn in the institute that include well spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, all necessary cooking and hotel training equipment, and so on.

Similarly, the institute has partnered with Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), London for its Professional Cookery course.

Students get internship opportunities after finishing classes at IHTS for real-life work experience in the hotel and tourism industry.

The faculty staff of the institute includes some of the best cooking instructors of Nepal who have years of working experience in the field of Tourism and Hospitality industry of Nepal.

Regarding alumni record, the institute has a very good record of producing some of the highly skilled cook professionals who became successful in placing themselves in reputed hotels of Nepal and abroad.

Also, talking about the fee structure, it charges reasonable fees to the students with the type of curriculum and services it offers along with the courses.

About all the other factors that are listed above, such as internships, job placement, recognition, and course curriculum, we’ll be discussing them below. We’ll start with the courses offered by the institute.

Courses Offered

1. Diploma in Professional Cookery (CTH)

Diploma in Professional Cookery - International Hotel Training School

DPC Student

The Diploma in Professional Cookery (DPC) is a course affiliated to Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH), London.

At IHTS, Level-3 Diploma in Professional Cookery is offered to the students. Students can then, later on, pursue Level 4 and 5 in abroad countries.

This course is especially taken by the individuals who already have experience in the cooking field.

Its course duration is 1 year that comprises 6 months of training and 6 months of internships.

2. Professional Diploma in Hotel Management (PDHM)

Professional Diploma in Hotel Management - International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

PDHM Students

PDHM is a course focusing on the 4 core departments of a hotel industry namely Food Production, F&B Service, Front Office, and Housekeeping.

This course is for people who want to gain basic knowledge about the hotel industry and looks to gain skills on any of the four fields of study.

This is a 1-year course, 6-month training and 6-month internship in any 5-star hotel of Nepal or selected abroad countries.

As this course is affiliated with ETVA (Lincoln University, Malaysia) all the rules and regulations are followed according to the guidelines provided by them.

It includes a number of theory and practical classes, assignments and exam dates and processes.

3. Diploma in Culinary Arts

Diploma in Culinary Arts - International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

DCA Class

DCA is course mostly focusing completely on food production and providing few details of other departments which connect with it.

DCA is a 1-year course affiliated with ETVA providing the opportunity for students to pursue their future as a chef or an entrepreneur in Nepal as well as in the international market.

DCA gives the students to pursue their future in a field that they are passionate and determined with it.

It is a course for those who are creative, artistic and hardworking in what they do.

This course provides 6 months of training and a 6-month internship.

4. Food and Beverage Service

Food and Beverage Service, International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

F&B Services

Food and Beverage Service is the art of serving food and drinks and is a dynamic industry including a wide range of jobs: Baristas, Head Waiters, Mixologists (a person skilled at mixing the cocktail and other drinks) and Sommeliers (wine waiter).

This course is of 4 months duration (Inc. Internship).

5. Housekeeping

Housekeeping, International Hotel Training School (IHTS)


Housekeeping is the management of duties involved in running household works such as cleaning and maintaining in and around the premises.

This may involve sweeping, waxing and polishing floors, emptying wastebaskets, changing sheets, folding and ironing clothes, cleaning the rooms and hallways, etc.

The students are certified by Lincoln University (ETVA) after finishing this 4 months course.

6. Bakery Training

Bakery Training, International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

Bakery Training

Course Duration: 1 month(with 3 months internship)


  • Bakery(bread, buns donuts, etc)
  • Pastry(Cakes)
  • Hot and Cold Desserts
  • Cookies, muffins and more

7. Bartender Training

Bartender Training, International Hotel Training School (IHTS)

Bartending Student

Food and Beverage Service is the art of serving food and drinks and is a dynamic industry including a wide range of jobs: Baristas, Head Waiters, Mixologists (a person skilled at mixing the cocktail and other drinks) and Sommeliers (wine waiter).

This course is of 4 months duration (Inc. Internship).

The institute guarantees internships of each of its eligible students in and outside of Nepal (Dubai, Malaysia, China, Mauritius, etc.). Also, students can get paid during their training period at renowned hotels in Nepal.

Describing why IHTS is the best for professional cookery course in Kathmandu Nepal would be impossible without taking a deep look at each aspect of the institute including the courses offered by it.

And we hope we have done enough.


International Hotel Training School (IHTS), Bhimsengola Chowk, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu is like any other hotel training school/center in Kathmandu or any other parts of Nepal.

You’ll hear almost the same kinds of services and most probably the courses as well in other institutes of Nepal.

What made us write this case study is the perfect balance of all the entities that define an institute to be the best in the given field, IHTS for professional cookery course, in this case.

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