Information and Communication Technology ICT Policy of Nepal 2072

Information and communication technology ICT policy of nepal was previously viewed as a commodity and not as a likely candidate for incorporation into development programs when other demands, such as those for developing hospitals, roads, drinking water, etc., were considered to be more essential.

In putting these technologies within the wider context of its far-reaching developmental objectives, which are predicated on poverty reduction as its main goal, the Government of Nepal has given significant weight to the transformative potential of ICTs.

Objective of ICT Policy of Nepal 2072

  1. To enable Nepal’s involvement in the Global Knowledge Society and to empower Nepal.
  2. To overhaul the way the government provides services by promoting openness, effectiveness, equality, and involvement while effectively utilizing information and communication technologies.
  3. To encourage ICT to boost productivity in the major industries that fuel the country’s economy.
  4. To promote a national ICT infrastructure that is effective, accessible, secure, dependable, and sustainable, in accordance with local needs and in line with regional and international standards.
  5. To encourage research and innovation on how ICT might help low-income communities remain strong in the face of future environmental, economic, and social shocks.
  6. To encourage a stable, just, and competitive investment climate so that e-trade and e-commerce can flourish in the nation.
  7.  To create a fiercely competitive ICT sector that can power Nepal’s active engagement in international trade.
  8. To make it easier for SMEs in manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, and other sectors to utilize e-commerce in order to boost productivity and growth;
  9. To make farmers more competitive in the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural goods and services by utilizing ICTS effectively and with an eye toward results.
  10. To support the growth of ICT entrepreneurs at the SME level as part of the development of the rural agro-business industry and to further the development and use of ICTs in agriculture.

Implementation and Strategy Framework of ICT Policy of Nepal 2072

The Ministry of Information Technology and Communication will establish a National Information and Communication Technology Policy Implementation Steering Committee with the following organizational structure:

Hon. Minister, Chairperson, Member, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

National Planning Commission – Member
Secretary of the Ministry of Education – Member

Secretary of the Ministry of Health – Member

Agriculture Ministry Secretary – Member

Secretary of the Ministry of Finance – Member
Secretary of the Ministry of Local Development – Member

Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication – Member

Chairman of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority – Member

2 Members Joint-Secretary (Policy and Program), Ministry of Information and Communication, Representative Private Sector, Member and Secretary

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