IIMS College

Since its establishment in 2010, IIMS College (the Institute of International Management Science) has been providing a huge range of courses in IT, Hospitality, and Management programs, making it a top choice among students in Nepal.

IIMS College provides globally recognized B.Sc. (Hons) Computing and BA (Hons) Hospitality Management programs in collaboration with UCSI University, focusing on developing professionals rather than simply granting degrees.

Courses Offered

Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons)

This program is designed for individuals aspiring to build a career in the hospitality sector. It covers subjects like hotel and restaurant administration, food and beverage service, event coordination, and tourism.

BSc. (Hons) Computing

This program offers students a thorough understanding of computer science and its practical use, covering areas like coding, data structures, algorithms, computer networking, databases, and software development. Through hands-on projects and internships, students acquire real-world experience, preparing them for a wide array of technology-related careers.

Bachelor (Hons) of Business Administration

This program prepares students for careers in the field of business and management. It encompasses subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operational management.

Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons)

This program is for students who have an interest in computer science and a desire to pursue a career in software development, data analysis, or other technology-oriented sectors. It covers subjects like programming languages, data organization, algorithmic principles, computer networking, and software engineering.

Master of Computer Science at IIMS College

MCS degree focuses on advanced computer science topics and is typically pursued by individuals looking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in the field. Graduates can pursue a wide range in the technology industry, including roles as software developers, data scientists, IT managers, cybersecurity experts, database administrators, and more.

Master of Business Administration 

An MBA program extends over 4 academic years. Rooted in a structured curriculum, it offers General Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Accountancy, and Management Science specializations.

Facilities Offered

– Internship every year (Minimum 6 months)
– Cafeteria/Library/ Auditorium

More About IIMS College

Address: Dhobidhara, Kathmandu
Contact Number:
01-4537318/ 01-4536383/ 01- 45344088
Email Id:
[email protected]
Official Site:

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