I Have A Dream

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered (read) “I Have A Dream” to millions of black and white Americans. The speech represents the dreams and hopes of all American blacks fighting for equal rights and freedom. Though the American constitution and the Declaration of Independence have promised equal rights, justice, and freedom to all blacks and whites, this is not implemented in practice. In American society, racial discrimination, injustice, hatred, and other inequalities are still prevalent. It is their right to be free, equal, and just that is denied them. Amid the rich whites, they lead a very miserable life. White people are the only ones who have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King addresses the American blacks and urges them to continue their struggle until they achieve equality, peace, and brotherhood in the United States. However, their struggle should be without violence. In his opinion, they should fight for their rights without causing physical violence, as this might cause bitterness and hatred. They will achieve their goals if they persist in a disciplined manner. Martin Luther King hoped that one day the chains of hatred, racial discrimination, and injustice would be broken. With the rising sun, liberty, equality, peace, and brotherhood will be spread throughout the world. Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary who fought for equality and justice. He aspires to create a new America in terms of social makeup, to create a symphony of brotherhood among blacks and whites, and to end discrimination against black Americans. His vision is firmly founded on the American dream of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Luther King urges an immediate change in the conception of white people. Color and racial discrimination will erode the foundation of America. According to Martin Luther King, the dream of America is his dream. He aspires to freedom, justice, and equality. Why is humanity important? One day, everything that causes inequality and discrimination will disappear. All blacks and whites will walk side by side, holding hands as brothers and sisters. Finally, not only blacks but all the American people will be free. The United States will ring with the sweet sounds of liberty, justice, and equality.

His speech stresses the importance of eliminating institutional racial inequalities to achieve equal treatment of blacks and improve their living conditions. Martin Luther King expresses his strong opposition to racial segregation and discrimination. He urges an immediate end to racial discrimination, promising his supporters that they will battle until the end to eliminate all forms of segregation and establish equality and integration. He is, however, in support of a creative and controlled protest that does not involve physical violence. In his address, he even calls on whites to band together with blacks to protest discriminatory behaviors against blacks. He is not anti-white, but he is against color discrimination and racial prejudice.

Martin Luther King encouraged his supporters not to engage in any violent protest activities during the protest. Martin wishes to fight in a disciplined and dignified manner, integrating physical and spiritual strength. He also begs his people not to distrust all white people because some whites have been assisting the negros in obtaining equal rights.

Martin Luther King returns to the group as a whole, revealing that he is still having dreams about the country and hopes that one day, America will live up to the Founders’ declaration that “all men are created equal.” He also believes that white and black people will sit down as equals and that Mississippi may be turned from a hotbed of injustice to a place of freedom. He hopes that in the future, people will be judged not on the color of their skin, but on who they are as individuals and that Alabama will be a meeting place for white and black children. As a result of this dream, the King will return to the South. And, with this dream and this faith, everyone present has the potential to convert the nation into one of brotherhood—as long as everyone works together.

The obvious goal of King’s speech is to secure black people’s rights to freedom, equality, and justice while eliminating racial injustice based on skin color. Even though the American constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens, black people have been denied these rights and have been victims of social segregation and discrimination. As a result, Martin Luther King Jr. delivers this speech in which he demands justice for black people. King draws a connection (comparison) between the promises of the American constitution and a bad check. Even though the American constitution guarantees equal rights to all people, regardless of race or creed, the country has failed to provide black citizens with the rights guaranteed by the constitution.

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