How to Study for the Board Exam in 12th Grade and Class 12 Exam Routine 2079

In this article, we will learn about how to study for the board exam in 12th  grade. Although some students seem to thrive on rushing at the last minute, it is widely accepted that this is not the best way to prepare for an exam (for the majority of us). Make a study schedule to help you manage your time. Make a list of how many exams you have and when you have to take them. Then plan your research accordingly. You may wish to give more study time to some examinations than others, so strike a comfortable balance.

Final examinations and terminal papers are two of the most difficult components of college life. As you approach finals, there is a lot to learn, organize, and remember. Moreover, guidelines for reducing stress and improving your grade point average can be found by following these efficient study tips on how to study for the board exam in 12th  grade.

  1. Organize your study space:

First of all, check that you have enough room to spread out your textbooks, notes, and any other study materials. Do you have enough light? Is your chair relaxing? Are your computer games hidden from view? All of these obstacles should be removed at least a month before the exams. Choose a location with enough light, a comfortable chair, and few to no distractions to create the greatest setting for concentration.

In order to concentrate on your studies, remove all distractions and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Some people like complete silence, while others enjoy music in the background. Lastly, take the time to figure out what works best for you and perfect it.

  1. Review your syllabus:

Decide when all of your tests are scheduled and how much of your grade they will contribute. In addition, make a mental note of these dates in your calendar or planner so you don’t forget them.

Schedule review sessions beginning at least a week before each exam. Rather than trying to cram everything into one big session the night before the test, you should do multiple mini-reviews well in advance and progressively increase the amount of time you study.

  1. Pay attention in class:

This may seem obvious, but actually paying attention in class will assist you tremendously when exam time arrives. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll passively “digest” information; be a participant in your education. It will be easier to concentrate if you sit near the front of the class.

Teachers frequently give suggestions such as “The most significant thing about this topic is…”, so pay attention. Alternatively, they may just emphasize keywords and topics. This is the true key to successful testing. Lastly, the more material you assimilate early on, the less studying you’ll have to do.

  1. Take good notes:

This is easier said than done, but knowing how to take good notes will be extremely beneficial when it comes time to study. Take notes on everything your teacher says on the board or slides. Try to take down as much information as possible from the teacher, but don’t let taking notes to distract you so much that you fail to listen.

After each lesson, go over your notes again. All of this, in the end, will help you remember what you’ve just learned.

  1. Practice on old exams:

There are lots of old question papers and answer papers for those questions in the market.

One of the most efficient ways to prepare for exams is to practice taking prior versions of tests. This will help you get acquainted with the format of the questions and, if you time yourself, will help you ensure you spend the appropriate amount of time on each part.

  1. Take regular breaks:

It’s a well-known fact that many of us believe that studying for as many hours as possible is the best strategy. This can be counterproductive. Suppose, for example, if you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try to run 24 hours a day. Similarly, research shows that taking frequent pauses helps with long-term memory retention.

Choose a study schedule that works for you because everyone is different. If you learn best in the morning, get up early and study before lunch. Alternatively, if you’re more productive at night, take a longer break earlier in the day so you’re ready to relax later.


  1. Study smarter:

Prioritize what you’ll study rather than memorizing all of your notes. Start with what will undoubtedly appear on the test, and then go on to what will most likely appear on the test, and finally, what may appear on the test. You’ll know you’ve taken care of the essentials if you run out of time. Besides, you will have more time to ask your teacher questions if you begin with the most difficult question first.

  1. What keeps you motivated:

Studying in groups can help you prepare for tests more effectively. Make a plan with your buddies to go over the content in class, discuss and compare notes, or work through difficult concepts. Alternatively, treat yourself with something modest (even if it’s simply a TV break) after each study session to help you stay focused.

  1. Plan your exam day:

Make sure you have everything ready well ahead of time for the exam; don’t wait until the last minute to realize you don’t know where to go or what to bring. Check all of the rules and regulations, and plan your studying behavior and travel time accordingly.

Calculate how long it will take you to get there, then add some time. Also, you don’t want to arrive exhausted after running halfway or agitated from getting lost.

  1. Stay Focused:

Taking a vacation from your phone and your buddies can help you keep your thoughts on track. Put on some instrumental music or noise-canceling headphones and turn off your phone to help you concentrate on your studies. Therefore, these are the ten tips on how to study for the board exam in 12th  grade.

Class 12 Exam Routine 2079

The exams for class 12 will be held from May 30th to September 8th. The following is the detailed information about the exam details:

Board                                                         National Examination Board

Exam Type                                                Regular

Exam Start Date                                      30th May 2022

Last Date                                                  8th September 2022

Official Website                             

The National Examination Board (NEB) has announced the exam date for class 12 science, management, art, and humanities. Further, the class 12 test will be held from Jestha 16, 2079 to Jestha 25, 2079 this year. In addition to that, exams will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Students are encouraged to get the class 12 timetable 2079 from NEB’s official website.

Class 12 Science Stream Exam Routine 2079

Here is the schedule for the class 12 science 2079 exams. The date has been set for Jestha 16, 2079.

Exam Date                  Day                           Subject

Jestha 16, 2079           Monday                  Com English

Jestha 17, 2079           Tuesday                  Compulsory Nepali

Jestha 18, 2079           Wednesday            Compulsory Mathematics

Jestha 20, 2079           Friday                     Physics

Jestha 22, 2079           Sunday                    Chemistry

Jestha 24, 2079           Tuesday                   Biology

Jestha 25, 2079           Wednesday              Computer Science

Class 12 Management Stream 2079 Exam Routine

Here is the exam routine for class 12, Management stream, 2079.

Exam Date                  Day                     Subject

Jestha 16, 2079           Monday            Com English

Jestha 17, 2079           Tuesday            Com Nepali

Jestha 18, 2079           Wednesday      Com Social

Jestha 20, 2079           Friday               Accounting

Jestha 22, 2079           Sunday             Economic Marketing

Jestha 24, 2079           Tuesday            Business Studies

Jestha 25, 2079            Wednesday      Business Mathematics

Exam Routine of Class 12 Art and Humanities Stream 2079

Here is the exam routine for class 12 arts and humanities stream 2079.

Exam Date                  Day                    Subject

Jestha 16, 2079           Monday           Com English

Jestha 17, 2079           Tuesday           Com Nepali

Jestha 18, 2079           Wednesday     Com Social and Life skill

Jestha 19, 2079           Thursday         Teaching Science

Jestha 22, 2079           Sunday            Nepali

Jestha 23, 2079           Monday           Geography

Jestha 24, 2079           Tuesday          Philosophy

Jestha 25, 2079           Wednesday     Home Science

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