How to crush your Tests and Exams

Aren’t you tired of studying everything in bulk right before your exams and tests? And even memorizing all night still doesn’t help remember the contents. You are in the right article if you’ve been wondering how to improve how you study for your exams and tests.

Every student dreams of acing their tests. Studying for tests and exams can be stressful. I can understand how hard it can be. That is why I am here with some effective ways to help you study for your test and help you reduce your stress level while or before giving the test and exams.

Tests and Exams
Here, I have divided the steps for studying. It consists of 4 steps and some effective points in each step to help you study efficiently.

Step 1:

Study during School
Take notes:
Taking notes is an important factor while attending a lecture. It will be better and easier to read later on if you paraphrase the notes while writing it.

Eliminate Distraction:
Staying away from social media and other distractions, even your friends, is a good decision to make while trying to study. Eliminating distractions helps you focus more on what you’re trying to do, which means that you will be able to concentrate more than usual.

Organize Hierarchically:
When you take the notes, make sure to take them neatly and arrange the points in order so that later on, when you try to take reference, it becomes easier to understand.

Step 2:

3 to 7 days before the exam
This is when most of the students start studying for the test or exam.
Make a cheat sheet:
List out all the important points in 1 or 2 papers and study those points. This will help to remember the main and important points for the test, which will help you do better on the test.

Step 3:

1 to 3 days before the exam
As mentioned above, if you take good notes during lectures, you will be able to take references from them, which will be really helpful.
Practice Problems:
The notes will guide you while studying. Start by practising the problems. Focus where you get weak while practising. This way, you will get to know where you feel difficulty.

Step 4:

One day before the exam
Make good choices:
Studying an extra hour might help you remember a point or 2, but you will lack sleep. That will make you unable to function properly. So, please get enough sleep before taking the exam. Eat food and maybe drink a cup of coffee before taking the exam.
This will improve your performance while taking the test or exam.


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