How To Become CDO In Nepal | Procedure To Become a CDO In Nepal

CDO stands for Chief District Officer. The CDO is a person who works for the government and is in charge of managing the affairs of a district. Chief district officers ensure everything runs smoothly and that people in the district are taken care of. They are like the boss (Senior most executive magistrate) of the district. They also help solve problems and give out citizenship papers. It is a job a lot of people want. The CDO works for the government and usually reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Regarding our topic let’s first understand what qualifications require to become a CDO and then how to become a CDO in Nepal.

To be a CDO in Nepal, you have to take a test called the Public service Commission exam and work for the government as a Section officer for a while. Then, if you do a good job, you might be able to be a CDO in a smaller district. If you work really hard for a long time, you might be able to be a CDO in a bigger district like Kathmandu. But sometimes, it helps to know people in the government or politics to get a good CDO job, especially in certain districts. As a CDO, you are in charge of the district and have a lot of power to make decisions and control the police. Every district in Nepal has a District Administration Office (DAO) that helps take care of the people living there.


Qualification For CDO in Nepal

An earlier bachelor’s degree was enough to qualify for the officer (Sakha Adhikrit) exam in Nepal. Now masters are given priority and the first step is to fight psc for an officer you must complete master.  So a Master’s degree and certain experience as a head (officer Adhikrit) of the department in the administration section will make you eligible to fight for CDO in Nepal. The age requirement is 35 years for officer level once you become an officer there are no such age criteria but the job duration matter.

CDO in Nepali

The Nepali Meaning of CDO (Chief District Officer) is प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी. CDO is the head of District Administration Office (जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय ).


How to become CDO in Nepal?

There is no vacancy directly open directly for CDO in Nepal. Here we will find step-by-step processes for becoming CDO in Nepal.

  1. Pass the PSC exam (Civil Service) for officer Rank (sakha Adhikrit) (in the Administrative sector)
  2. Get some experience (5 years) and fight for the Exam of upa sachib or by increment
  3. After that, you will be appointed as CDO for a small district 
  4. If you do well you will be promoted to big district CDO

Note:- if you have good political connections, it will help you to get good district responsibilities under your hand.


Power of CDO In Nepal

CDO rank is under secretary (Upa Sachib) for small and medium districts and joint secretary (Saha Sachib) for a large district. Before federal elections, people feel jealous about how CDO outranks them without being elected by the public in bureaucrat. Talking about the power of a CDO is the most powerful person in districts. Under the federal structure is the duty of the CDO to report to the ministry of home affairs and the Pradesh CM at the same time. Here are some powers of CDO highlighted below in Nepal as per the Local Administration Act, 2028:

Duties & Power

  • Issue citizenship certificates

  • Passport and National Identity Card (Rashtriya Parichay Patra)

  • Relation certificates

  • Maintain law and order in Districts

  • Helps in Collecting taxes in districts

  • CDO can order arrest people who smoke and drink in public

  • Can seize goods nobody claiming ownership

  • Can demolish houses made on public or governmental property

  • Can declare an emergency in the district

  • Take reports from Police officers in the districts 

  • Other administrative duties and power

You can check the Local Administration Act, 2028 for more details.

Salary of CDO in Nepal

The salary of the CDO is similar to upa sachiv and Sachiv levels in Nepal. Quoting Number the salary range is NPR 62,000 to NPR 72,000. This does not include allowances and reimbursement. Adding allowances and benefits salary becomes Rs. 1,22,000 to Rs. 1,48,000 for a CDO in Nepal.


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