Global IME Capital Ltd has been appointed as the issue manager for Shikhar Power Development Ltd’s IPO

Global IME Capital Ltd has been appointed as the issue manager for Shikhar Power Development Ltd’s IPO. Global IME Capital Ltd and Shikhar Power Development (SPDPL) Ltd. have come to an understanding to carry out an initial public offering (IPO) of securities to the general public. At a share price of Rs. 100 per share, Shikhar Power Development Ltd. will issue 9.92 lakh ordinary shares.

Shikhar Power Development Ltd. attended a special event held at the Global IME Capital headquarters on the 19th of Mansir 2079. Both Mr. Hemraj Acharya and the Managing Director of SPDPL. And Mr. Paras Mani Dhakal, the Chief Executive Officer of Global IME Capital Ltd., has signed the agreement.

About Shikhar Power Development

Shikhar Power Development (SPDPL) is establish in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2072. The Company has the goal of maximizing. The hydropower potential of the country in order to support national development. The firm has a permitted capital of Rs. 50 crores and issued capital of Rs. 33.8 crores. In this firm, which owns 70% of the shares of the promoter group, 10 promoter shareholders have paid the share capital of Rs. 23.16 crores.

In Badigad Rural Municipality of Baglung District, this company. Which is duly registered with the office of the Registrar of Companies, is now constructing the “Bhimkhola Small Hydropower Project (4.96 M.W.)”. The project is over 65 percent complete. According to Mr. Hemraj Acharya, the business’s managing director. The Lower Bhimkhola Cascade Hydropower Project (6.05 Me.W.) is also promot. And the company is preparing to invest in further hydropower projects as well as hotels, agriculture, and other industries in the long term.

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