Ghorahi Cement Industry Is Issuing IPO

The initial public offering (IPO) of the Ghorahi cement industry is now underway. Himalayan Capital Limited and Nabil Investment Banking Limited are serving as the issue and sales managers for this IPO. The CEOs of Himalayan Capital, Nabil Investment Banking Limited, and the Director of Ghorahi Cement Industry signed the contract for public sharing.

Due to the work processes, the company has not submitted the application to SEBON. The SEBON regulatory agency must accept the application before the Ghorahi cement industry can offer its stock for public sale.

Ghorahi Cement Industry Is Issuing IPO

About Ghorahi Cement Industry

As a joint venture with Vishal Group, Triveni Group has created Ghorahi Cement Industry as a subsidiary. The business was founded in 2009 in the western Nepali city of Ghorahi, in the Dang District, which is home to Asia’s largest valley.

GCI is an integrated unit that began as a small-scale project with modest capabilities. In the previous ten years, the company has exponentially increased its footprint in the local market and established itself as a reputable company within the Nepalese construction industry thanks to a strong vision and leadership.


Ghorahi Cement Is Issuing IPO under book building

The IPO of Gorahi Cement Industry will be issued at a premium value of NPR 435 per share. The overall IPO management responsibilities are on Himalayan Capital and Nabil Investment Banking Limited.  This IPO will raise Nepali Rs. 3,441,651,785 for the company. After IPO Valuation of the company become double approx. Here are some details pointed out to know about the IPO of Girahi cement industry limited.

  • Total Share to issue: 79,43,801
  • Reserved for locals: 3,97,190
  • For General Public: 75,46,611
  • CARE Nepal Limited (CRNL) Rating: BBB-
  • Current Turnover of the company:5.5 to 8.5 Arba
  • Financial Risk: Medium

So with this information, one can understand the financial risk of applying for an IPO or Investing in it. Furthermore, you can get all the other information about Gorahi cement industries limited in its prospectus. 

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