Free Counseling For +2 Seeking Student By Renowned Uniglobe College

SEE students are currently in rush for preparing bridge course to get best college for their +2 irrespective of faculties. Is Uniglobe is a good college for plus 2 is not a question here, weather students getting right counseling from the college they apply for. Career counseling sounds easy but the reality is that today most of student are not aware about the different career opportunities and what to start from to get one of those. How their skills and knowledge match their career in the said courses.

This is not the time students take casual approach for selecting career as it is right time to decide whether you will go in this direction or that. We are witnessing the over unemployment issues and recession causing layoff to many people from job. So, the overcrowded industry obviously removes the extra. Now what if your profession or skills are rare and scarce. It is impossible to fire people posing unique knowledge in certain field.


The Problem for students Right Now

Students are in peer pressure right now, that if he or she is choosing this, I will choose the same as well. Now I can understand this situation but this not good. Similarly, Pressure from parents is always there. Now, despite there are lots of area available top discover parents knowledge is limited like in their time these courses were not available so easily. Due to which they are not aware of It.


What and How Uniglobe will Help Students?

Uniglobe College is providing free counselling related to career options available to students. Means here you will not get pitch like other to get enrollment. Here you will advised and get to know lots of career opportunities available to students apart from that what else student can do apart from academic according to their interest.


How to Apply for Free Counselling at Uniglobe College?

You can visit the college premises in Ganesthan, Kamaladi directly or call & take specific time for counseling.  Counseling is held every day for students and students can visit along with their parents.

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Admission and Enrollment at Uniglobe

Now concluding, Uniglobe is one of the best college in Kathmandu. We have seen so many outstanding students and personal produced by the college. You can be part of this awesome college for your plus two if you already decide to join one.

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