This article is about the fact about Nepali New Year. Nepali New Year is the official new year of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, a sovereign country in South Asia. Nepali New Year is the local New Year and celebrating particularly in Nepal.

The Nepali New Year is based on Vikram Samvat Calendar and celebrating on starting of New Year (Baisakh 1st). Nepalese used to celebrate New Year full of happiness and enjoyment. According to the Georgian calendar, New Year in Nepal falls in mid of April months.

Vikram Samvat or Bikram Sambat shortly abbreviated as BS was named after the Hindu king of Ujjain named king Vikramaditya in 57 BC. Vikram takes from the name of Hindu king Vikramaditya and Samvat comes from the Sanskrit word Samvatsaraor which generally means an era of Hindu chronology or “year”.

Baisakh 1st is the official New Year of Nepal and this year New Year (2078) is going to celebrate on the 14th of April according to the Georgian calendar. New Year is like a festival for Nepalese and they celebrate with their family, friends, and relatives by making more delicious dishes and enjoying doing a lot of activities. So, these are some fun and interesting fact about the Nepali New Year.


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