Establishment of a province-level Gurukul School at panauti

Establishment of a province-level Gurukul School at panauti:. Panauti now has a Gurukul School at the provincial level. Locals in Panauti who are passionate about Gurukul education have formalized the state-level Gurukul School of Bagmati. A provincial-level school is built, and 14 children it is attending Trivenighat Sattal in Panauti have been institutionalized in Gurukul. Class 6 of the recently opened Gurukul School now has 14 pupils, with plans to increase both the number of courses and the student body starting in the upcoming academic year.

In addition to religious practices and rituals, students at the Gurukul will also receive modern educational information and skills. Gurukul School at panauti: The organization of education has also been identified in this way so that Gurukul’s workforce can compete on a global scale. A provincial-level Gurukul has recently been formed in Panauti at the initiative of the locals, as interest in Gurukul education has begun to grow. It is intended to teach Gurukul schools in accordance with the same curriculum up to Uttarmadhyama (Proficiency Certificate Level). Shastri (Graduate Level), Acharya (Post Graduate Level), and Ph.D., according to the local Bhagwat Dharma Protection Committee.

By resurrecting the ancient Vedic religion and Hindu culture. Gurukul is developing with the goal of promoting Panauti city as a historical and religious tourism destination. With the assistance of locals, they founded Gurukul, and now they are asking the appropriate organizations to aid the institution. According to the committee, the operation of Gurukul schools will be carried out with the support and help of the local and provincial people’s representatives.

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