Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO From Ashwin 28

Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO for the general public Announced already. After issuing the shares to locals now, the company is ready to issue 6,70,310 shares to the general public. The company got the approval for more than 12.40 lakh shares to issue to locals and the general public. Out of which 620,000 shares have already been issued to locals of Bhojpur district and subscribed. Eastern IPO will be opened from the 28th of Ashwin to the 1st of Kartik, if remains undersubscribed will be extended to Kartik 14, 2079B.S.

About Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO

Hydropower Developers established Eastern Hydropower Ltd. as a Private Limited Company in 2005 under the Company Ordinance 2005. In August 2017, the company underwent a conversion from Private Limited to Public Limited in accordance with Subsection (1) of Section 13 of the Companies Act 2006. On 27 Jestha 2076, the project was finished, and its full generation was initiated.

IPO of Eastern Hydropower Limited

Gross Head: 119.30 m
Net Head: 105.05 m
Design Discharge: 5.60 m3/s
Installed Capacity: 5000 KW
Contract Energy (After outage and losses): 30.953 GWh
Average Annual Precipitation: 1278.6 mm
Total Project Cost: 1 Arab 30 Crore
No. Of Chamber: 2
Settling Basin Type: Conventional Type

Source: Official site of Eastern Hydropower Ltd.

Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO Details

The hydropower company sold 6,20,000 shares in the first round of the IPO to residents of the project’s affected regions beginning in Bhadra 7, 2079 BS. The public offering to locals totaled Rs. 6.20 crores at a par value of Rs. 100. Here are the Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO Details

Company: Eastern Hydropower Limited

Sector: Hydropower

Issue Type: IPO

Face Value: NPR 100 Per Share

Opening Date: Ashwin 28, 2079B.S.

Issue Close Date: Kartik 1, 2079B.S.

Mutual Fund Shares: 33,515

Employee Shares: 13,406

Shares for the General Public: 623,389

Issue Manager: NMB Capital


The company already closed IPO for locals on Bhadra 28 and collected 6.2 crores. On Shrawan 9, 2079 BS, the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) authorized the company to issue securities to the general public. On Mangsir 24, 2078 BS, the company submitted the application to the board. At Paluwa in Bhojpur Municipality-6, Bhojpur, Eastern Hydropower Limited is currently running a 5 MW Pikhuwa Khola Small Hydropower Project. In accordance with the project, commercial electricity production began on Jestha 27, 2076 BS.


How to Apply for Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO?

Here are the 5 simple steps to apply for the IPO of Eastern Hydropower ltd.

  • Login to Mero Share
  • Go To My ASBA tab and Click on Apply button
  • Fill in the Details and number of shares you want to apply (minimum 10, Maximum 1000)
  • Click Apply and Enter your Pin
  • Click on Submit

Note:- Do not forget to check IPO-related documents before Applying IPO of any Company. The company is incurring a 6.87 loss per share as per last year’s published financial report. The Company is expecting profits from the coming year after the IPO.

Download the Prospectus of Eastern Hydropower ltd.

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