Earnings skill you can learn being a student

In this article, we will focus on the earning skill you can learn as a student. “Anyone who stops learning is old- Henry Ford”.  A student is a person formally engaged in learning, especially in a school or college for higher education.  They are those who invest their time and energy in acquiring knowledge in the present to make their utopic future as realistic as possible. One is never old to be a pupil however, phase of life where one is dependent almost completely on parents or state for being learned.

Earnings skill you can learn being a student
Earnings skill you can learn being a student

The tedious process of graduating from school to another to higher school to college and university. With growing age and ample vitality one thing that is scarce even to meet the basic demands of life is money. Through going through various subjects, bulky books with those hard to chew pages, and clearing exams, our academic fails to teach financial literacy. Lesion on this subject is either inherited from parents or adsorption from society on keen observation and mostly by hit and trial lesson of life. Despite no formal classes on the topic, everyone expects to be richer and not fall into the trap of the rat race of modern-day society.

Learning skills should be instilled from an early age in student life and prepare them to launch themselves in the wilderness with an enriched portfolio in addition to a professional degree. This proficiency can help you to become handy and earn a few bucks. There is no shortage of examples where these side jobs become primary jobs despite any professional degree. The covid pandemic highlighted the importance of passive income and various methods of it.

A hobby is an activity that one loves to do and does when free. But who knew, doing what you love or just being yourself can be a way of income. Pandemic shifted the physical world into being more virtual and online. Internet became the largest market where one can sell anything to anyone residing anywhere.

Social Media can be your earning tools

The best way is to sell yourself by doing stuff you do passionately on virtual media. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, and Snapchat are a few of many which have become platforms to present oneself to the world. These were just mere apps for communication and in no time, they took the world by storm and the biggest portal. On these apps, we find ourselves addicted to scrolling all the time and most of the time without any specific reason. One often ends up complaining of forgetting time to watch videos or products which one liked.  These individuals fall into the trap of consumer groups and unknowingly and unintentionally make the presenter rich. Presenters are also youth, who invested their time in presenting in the most general malleable way he wants to see others. For instance, smartphones exist for almost one and a half decades now. It can be a great earning skill platform for students.

Before the internet was a market phase, one had to depend on advertisements via TV or radio or the words of other friends or family. However, these days, most individual loves to watch videos on YouTube and compare with others and come to a conclusion about which one to buy. And there we became a part of a business transaction unaware of being influenced. One became benefited by scrolling on the internet, on the contrary, the admin of that page sold his talent to the world and added income sources no matter how small. Likewise, other online businesses are freelancing. It is making yourself capable of doing something the world is looking for and getting paid. Freelancing includes writing, ghostwriting, story writing, photography, photo or video editing, doing complex tabulation, etc. It is a earning skill platform for many people who are creative.

Small Part-time jobs and internships

It can be a great earning skill source for students and can be knowledgeable. A part-time job is a major source of income for students in European and western countries.  No work is small or big, it is you who make can make it as big as you want. Students most of them work in restaurants, bars, local shops, or even at their university. The earnings they make from this work are supposedly enough to pay for their tuition fee and also make some savings. In addition to earning, they also acquire a set of skills, malleable behavior and develop acquaintances, learn to manage their money, the taste of being independent and others which in long run will somehow come to be useful. Most American students work in restaurants during a semester break, enough to plan a trip for recreation or do humanitarian work. International students from South Asia and Africa, work in their spare time to pay their tuition money themselves, being financially independent of parents.

Last but not least, share market. The pandemic crisis has broken the backbone of those who depend on the primary source of income. Amidst of pandemic crisis, investment in the share market flourished and increased in geometric proportion. Share market needs extensive research and wise decision to invest in some stock though it comes short, and one can bear the unbearable loss or massive gain in a short time. This thrill makes the share market one of the most adventurous and risky legal businesses. Plenty of examples who once were penniless become millionaires and vice versa in no time. However, IPO applying only for initial public offering (IPO) can be beneficial nevertheless one needs to be lucky to get those stocks. Related to the share market there are debenture, bond, mutual fund, and secondary marketing.

A student even with pocket money can initiate a journey in the wonderland of the share market, observe, follow financial analysis, company growth and keep updated regarding the market and make their own wise decisions on which stock to invest in and when to ripe gain. Investing in the share market is at its own risk. Another source that can be a great earning skill platform for students.


“First learn then earn”. The primary job of any student is to learn, acquire knowledge and excel in their academics. They can be more productive if they use their spare time in generating income no matter how little. The best way to make themselves valuable is by presenting themselves in the world by just being themselves or doing a part-time job or another way by helping others.

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