Dolti Power Company Closed its 12,71,861 Units of IPO Shares of the General Public from Today

Dolti Power Company Closed its 12,71,861 Units of IPO Shares of the General Public from Today

13.39 lakh applicants for the Dolti Power IPO collected Rs. 1.47 arba as of the last day.
Dolti Power Company closed its 12,71,861 unit shares in its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the general public from 3rd Baisakh 2080.
This issue was opened on Chaitra 28th, 2079. The company hopes to raise Rs 13.46 crore through this IPO.

The corporation had previously distributed 536,486 unit shares worth Rs. 5.36 crores to the residents of Dailekh District who are impacte by the project. But only 141,820 of those units had allocate to eligible applicants. As a result, 10,72,972 units (or 20% of the issue capital) are joined to the remaining 394,666 units of unsubscribed shares of project-affecte locals to create a total of 14,67,638 units for the general public.

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107,298 units have already grante and assigned to Nepalese citizens. Who live and work overseas out of the total 14,67,638 units.

5% of the total shares offered, or 68,017 units, have put aside for mutual funds, while 20,462 units have reserve for the company’s workers. The general public will receive the remaining 12,71,861 units.

The promoter stockholders own 70% of the company’s shares overall. The business expects this IPO to bring in Rs 12.71 crore.

1,339,440 applicants have submitted applications to CDSC for a total of 14,762,620 units. So far, the issue has received an oversubscription of 11.60 times.

The IPO’s issue manager was NIC Asia Capital Limited. Minimum 10 units and maximum 10,000 units can apply.

Dolti Power Company Limited has been given an issuer rating by ICRA Nepal of [ICRANP-IR] BB (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating double B).

About the Company

Dolti Power Business Limited was first established as a private limited business on April 7, 2013, then on July 15, 2021, it changed its status to a public limited corporation. In the Dailekh district of Nepal’s Karnali province, DPCL runs a 4.5 MW Padam Khola run-of-river (R-o-R) HPP with a 2.27 m3/s design discharge with a Q40 probability of exceedance.

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