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Are you struggling to find the fundamental of marketing? Are you tired of doing traditional marketing? Or are you depressed by not getting the expected response to your marketing strategy? Now don’t worry, this article is for you. Here you can learn How to do marketing to get more customers or clients for your business/ services. I am going to explain to you about different types of marketing fundaments. Here you can expect many more things about digital marketing. This article is for someone who wants to start up in marketing. Students, Business Owners, Employers, and unemployed people anybody can learn and do the marketing profession.

First, let’s talk about What is fundamental to marketing

Digital Marketing: Marketing fundaments

Marketing is an insect of selling products and services. If you are tired of doing traditional marketing, then you can change the way of doing marketing. If you are not getting expect the response to your marketing strategy. Then this article will help you how to do marketing digitally. If you are struggling to find the fundaments of marketing, then stop to struggle anymore here you are going to learn the fundamentals of marketing. Here are different types of fundaments of marketing are given below: –

  1. The law of marketing,
  2. Importance of communication skills,
  3. Digital marketing and traditional marketing
  4. Direct Response Marketing
  5. The CATT Marketing funnel
  6. Integrated Digital Marketing
  7. Personal branding

 The law of marketing

Building a brand and securing a place in customers’ thoughts are the goals of marketing. We won’t receive a positive response unless we establish a brand in the eyes of our customers. Marketing is a game of perception. you don’t have to give more importance to marketing but your product service has to be the best. Marketing is a science, not an art. one of the famous marketers Joe Chernov says “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Law of Marketing
Law of Marketing(Image sources:

If you want to be a good marketer, you have to start marketing before creating the products. If you start marketing before creating the product It will help you understand the customer and the customer’s needs which leads to creating a product that fits. Due to its quick returns, marketing is the most beneficial investment a company can make.

If we know how to market and sell our career is always safe. Advertising, sales and copywriting are components of marketing.

Importance of communication skills

Good marketing is all about good communication. if you have a phobia of communicating, you can’t be a marketer. Good communication doesn’t mean perfect English, vocabulary, or grammar. It’s about normally you have to able to transfer your thoughts to another one person. If you cannot communicate well you will never succeed. There are a lot of ways to improve your English. You can listen to English music, and English stand-up comedy shows, you can read English books or you can think in English. Daily you can write dairy in English. Write like what you talk about. There is no need for perfection in English. When you continuously repeated write in English, speak in English, or think in English automatically your English will improve.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is an old strategy of marketing that is not effective in this sector Slowly-Slowly the way of doing marketing is changing. This is a digital world. Digitally everything is changing here. So we have to run with time. I don’t mean to say that traditional marketing is bad. If you are just talking about the number, then traditional marketing is very powerful than digital marketing. But in the same way, in terms of measurable results digital marketing is better the traditional marketing.

we cannot measure the target in traditional marketing but we can measure the target in digital marketing. Traditional marketing has no focused reach they only had local reach. But the digital marketing has a focused reach where it can target its audience, customer, and buyer. Traditional marketing has a personal approach where you need a physical presence. But digital marketing has a digital stall. You do not need to do one to one approach. Here you can give information through your website, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, or many more. You do not need to be a physical presence here. Compared to digital marketing, traditional marketing is more expensive. The result cannot be tracked in real-time in traditional marketing. But in digital marketing, we can track our results at the same time.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is where companies contact their potential customer directly.

Marketing in Evolution
Marketing in Evolution (Image: Google)

As you can see Image Marketing is evolving day by day. At first, we used to do catalogs marketing where we can say that most at-home shopping takes place through catalogues.

After that marketing gradually grew day by day like print ads after television/ Radio Ads after telesales after that Static websites and now people do marketing through physical mail, email marketing, Inbound Marketing, Video Marketing, word–of–mouth marketing, coupon marketing, SMS marketing or Content Marketing. All these marketing concepts are direct response marketing. The marketing technique is designed to evoke the customer to take action. Direct response marketing is an ad in the newspaper with a phone number to call. And also an ad leading to a landing page with the lead form.

Digital Marketing: The CATT Marketing funnel

CATT Marketing funnel is the way how to earn wealth in marketing. Directly or indirectly everything that we do is for wealth. So in this fundamental of marketing, we have to know how to earn good wealth in marketing. The formula of the marketing funnel is Wealth= n^CATT

CATT Funnel
CATT Funnel(Image: Google)


[n] Niche = what is your goal? What do you want to do in your life? You have to decide first. You can choose your niche by examining yourself. If you think that you have a talent for something. If you are passionate about it and it has a good market, then yes that is your niche.

Your success and wealth depended on the niche you choose. You have to choose the kinds of niches which can solve the problems of your audience. So think properly about your niche and find out your niche.

[C] Content = You have your niche.  Now, you have to create useful content that can easily attract your audience. For example, my niche is to be a yoga instructor. I have to create an audience by writing attractive which has to solve the problem of my audience. ‘Like my Audience wants to be healthy then I can create content like How to be healthy and fit?’ I will publish it on my blog, website or other social media.

[A] Attention = After creating content now you have to generate traffic on your content.  you have to use SEO, Social media posts and paid advertisements to grave attention or generate traffic to your content.

[T] Trust = After generating the traffic on your content now you have to build trust with your audience. you have to solve the problem of your audience freely. It’s not easy to build trust with an audience. Give something if you want something from them. You have to build some kind of bonding or trust with your audience. You can use marketing automation, wire marketing or retargeting marketing to build trust in your audience.

[T] Transaction = when you build trust with the audience then now they are your lead. you can convert your lead into your customer with a natural sales method. You don’t need to do hard work to sell your product or services.

Integrated Digital Marketing

There is much content inside digital marketing. like Email marketing, paid marketing, sell & convert, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing. Many people have the end goal is to sell the product. They do only paid advertisement to sell the product/services, they do only email marketing or they do only SEO. In the end, they didn’t get a good response because advertisers are using separately digital marketing.

They don’t make the combination of components of digital marketing. That’s so why they failed in marketing. you have to make a combination of all the content of digital marketing and you can do well marketing. component of the combination is called integrated digital marketing.

Personal branding

If you are good in your niche but you didn’t do personal branding, then people will never know you. So if you do marketing for yourself then nobody can discover you. If you are marketing yourself, if you are branding yourself, if you are creating an identity of yourself then it’s called personal branding. Personal branding had also upsides and downsides. A personal brand cannot be sold or invested. But a personal brand can give rise to many brands of his or her influence. Personal branding can be the brand ambassador of the company. Brand ambassadors are the face of that company. They are promoting the brand through their presence.

This is the time of personal branding revaluation. If you want to start personal branding, then you have to learn first. After researching and learning a new skill from different sources. Understand and practice repeatedly what you learn. For better understanding go to on work what you found new skills or what you are practising. Write a blog about what you learn. Writing helps you to understand more clearly. Daily practices to write. Search what is new and implement it on yourself. Write about your experience. If you start writing a blog, then people will know about you.

After starting the blog now people will discover you. Now you can do consulting. Consult those people who are facing problems and solved their problems. If you start consulting you can reach many people at once. After consulting you start to mentor where you can teach very people at once. Mentoring helps you to understand the level of your own skills. And finally, now you are ready to start your business or services.


I mostly tried to write a short article. But also I want to give you more information or knowledge in this article. While I am trying to give you more information the article in being long. I hope you got valuable information from this article. If you like this article, please do share and if you have any questions you can comment. It would encourage me to write more for you.

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