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Since 2005 A.D, a lot of improvement can be seen in the curriculum framework of Nepal but still teaching methodology shows a micro improvement. The contents set or organized for producing human resources is not at least bad but there’s a lack of interpretational ability which is one bad side or say failure of educational administration.

While keeping a pivot on the curriculum framework of Nepal, we will find it in a balanced or efficient manner except for some outdated content. If there’s one thing that disappoints me, it’s the people who try to make the curriculum biased towards the numerical evaluation of students. What we can expect from a well-organized curriculum or what we can hope from a proper system of education is able manpower who can bring revolution in infrastructure as well as in society. But according to a graphical analysis conducted to study the efficiency of the curriculum framework, it was found a few percentages of its effectiveness. So, most the students or other people misinterpret here the failure of the framework but up to a greater extent, it’s not true. It’s actually due to a lack of interpretational ability of content organized by the curriculum for producing manpower for the nation which I had already mentioned in the first paragraph.

According to what I have experienced to this date is an improvement in facilities in education, expensive educational institutions, dramatic change in the infrastructure of schools, colleges which shows they are kidding with us or making us fool to run their business in the name of teaching curriculum because there is still no any change in teaching methodology or teaching technique in a wide scale. Even I had paid a lot of money to pursue the qualification of secondary level. There was a really good infrastructure in my school, the classroom was lashed with ACs but void of the projector, speakers, etc., or say still a traditional class. So, what that means is they set the environment but didn’t set the studying material for a smart class but we still are paying the same fees which seems they are bad copycats. The new curriculum was brought for the especially primary and secondary level of education which has mainly focused on moral education and it was important too because technical education is not only enough, we must have social knowledge too for civilized society. But no matter how good will be our curriculum framework, it won’t work efficiently until eradicating these 4 major bad sides:


1. Replacement of some outdated contents in the curriculum:

According to the new changes in some information some contents need to be modified to inhibit the wrong or outdated flow of information in students.


2. Teaching methodology should be unbiased:

Most educational institutes attract students based on their biased teaching methods which guarantee the students to make them score high in exams, which should be controlled by aware students about that.


3. Interpretational ability should be improved:

The same topic has several interpretations in which there is a high chance of misinterpretation. So, teachers should be aware of that or they should get proper training.


4. Graphical analysis skills should be developed:

One of the bad sides of our curricular content is, that they do not seem to be much focused on graphical skills which should be paid extra attention to because graphical analysis skill helps a lot in analyzing or interpreting any data or information.


Keeping light on those 4 points may ease for production of effective manpower in the nation because the main goal of any curricular framework is to produce effective manpower.


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