Curriculum Development Center of Tribhuvan University | Notice for an Equivalent Certificate

Curriculum Development Center of Tribhuvan University | Notice for an Equivalent Certificate. The equivalency offered by Tribhuvan University’s Curriculum Development Center in Kirtipur has now been withdrawn by the Accreditation and Equivalence Determination Committee’s decision dated Mangsir 09, 2079 for certificates of medical education obtained from training facilities and institutions that do not have the authority to grant educational degrees, including the Philippines.

Since it has come to light that several institutions have received such equivalences. This warning has been made public in order to inform anyone who may be concerned that such equivalences will not be legally recognized even if they are submitted.

Whether or whether they came from this center, the certificates were received from the aforementioned institutions. Additionally, it has been ruled that applicants who seek equivalency but have not completed any educational levels or who have enrolled in levels above those levels would not be awarded equivalent.

Download/View the Notice: -Curriculum Development Center of Tribhuvan University

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