CTEVT Short-Term Programs

CTEVT Short-Term Programs: CTEVT has been offering short-term, long-term, mobile, and various apprenticeship training programs in various regions of the nation. It aims to generate basic and medium-level skilled workers. There are many short-term pieces of training available under CTEVT for the general people. This course is mainly for those who are unable to pursue higher education and want to acquire professional/vocational skills. This curriculum can be completed anywhere between 39 to 1500 hours. In this article, we will learn about some of the short-term technical training available under CTEVT.

About CTEVT:
The Center for Technical Education and Vocational Training, or CTEVT, was established in 1989 AD (2045 BS).”People with skills are the assets of the nation and the people without skills are the liabilities,” says the slogan of CTEVT.   The main objective of this technical vocational education and training in Nepal is to create skilled labor in the industry. This organization’s main duties include developing policies, maintaining quality, creating a competitive curriculum, creating skill standards, testing technical skills, conducting research, determining training needs, etc.

Vision: This institution aims to educate people in Nepal so that they can live a comfortable life.

Mission: To transform CTEVT into a prosperous organization and create qualified personnel to the requirements of the world using the CTEVT framework.

Lists of CTEVT Programs of Short-Term:

1. Dairy Product/Sweets Maker

About This Program;

Name: Dairy Product/Sweets Maker
Duration: 550 hours
Medium: English/Nepali
Group Size: 30 people
Type: Short-term Training

The training program for Dairy Product/Sweets Maker is 550 hours (390 hours internal and 160 hours of on-the-job training). The goal of this training is to create a workforce that has the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate in the dairy and sweets manufacturing industries. Once the trainees have developed these skills, they will have plenty of opportunities for wage work and self-employment. Therefore, the purpose of this curriculum guide is to give the trainees in the fields of technology for creating sweets and dairy-based products.

The Objectives Of This Program are listed below:

  • To prepare dairy products
  • To do laboratory testing on dairy
  • To get mother culture ready for milk products
  • To prepare dairy sweets with khoa as the base
  • To make milk sweets with chhana as the base
  • To make items made from cultured or fermented milk
  • To make milk-based puddings and desserts

Entry Criteria: 

  • At least seven class passed
  • The minimum candidate age should  be 15 years old
  • Students must pass the entrance exam
2. Community Livestock Assistant

About This Program;

Name: Community Livestock Assistant
Duration: 390 hours
Medium: English/Nepali
Group Size: people
Type: Short-term program

Community Livestock Assistant is a three-month training of (390 hours). It gives people the abilities and information needed to help the local cattle. The trainees will have knowledge and skills in social mobilization, livestock management, and livestock health services after completing this program. The goal of the course is to educate lower-level technical workers about the management and production of cattle. It enables the trainees to obtain chances for salary and independent work in the relevant professional field.

The Objectives of this training program are:

• To acknowledge livestock production and management
• To understand the social mobilization
• To manage livestock (herd/flock)
• To help with breeding management
• To manage nutrition
• To Keep goats and sheep
• To produce and manage pet animals
• To provide/facilitate preventive services
• To treat animals in need of first aid
• To know about zoonotic diseases

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must have at least a grade of eight or higher
  • Age should be a minimum of 14 years old
  • Should pass an entrance exam
3. Wool Processor

About This Program;

Name: Wool Processor
Duration: 460 hours
Medium: English/Nepali
Group Size: 30 people
Type: Short-term program

Wool Processor is a short-term program of 460 hours. The information and skills required for the processing of wool are provided by this program. There will be opportunities for trainees to practice the skills/tasks specified in this curriculum, as well as demonstrations by instructors/trainers. Utilizing the standard tools, materials, equipment, and machinery essential for the curriculum, trainees will practice and gain skills. After completing this program successfully, the trainees will be knowledgeable about wool, wool shearing, preliminary processing of wool, processing of wool, testing of wool, and marketing of wool. self-employed individuals.

The Objectives Of This Program are:

  • To identify wool
  • To shear wool
  • To do preliminary processing of wool
  • To perform wool processing
  • To perform wool testing
  • To perform wool marketing

Entry criteria:

  • Minimum of eight class completed or an equivalent

  • Must be at least 14 years old

  •  Must pass the entrance exam

4. Fruit Processor

About This Program;

Name: Fruit Processor
Duration: 390 hours
Medium: English/Nepali
Group Size: 30 people
Type: Short-term program

The knowledge and skills needed for a technical worker like a fruit processor are provided under CTEVT short-term programs. It is 390 hours in duration. Using the tools, materials, and equipment required for this curricular program, trainees will practice and learn skills.

After completing this training successfully, the trainees will be able to manage tools, equipment, and machines used in fruit processing, perform fruit product bottling, and prepare jam. This educational program’s objective is to create future citizens and connect them to job opportunities both domestically and overseas.

The Objectives of This Program are:

  • To prepare different fruit products using fruit processing techniques
  • To apply principles of fruit preservation
  • To prepare fruits for processing
  • To manage and handle fruit processing machines, tools, equipment, machines, and materials
  • To perform fruit storage
  • To establish a fruit processing unit or plant
  • To apply storage and post-harvest techniques

Entry criteria:

• Should be at least eight grade pass
• Must be physically and mentally fit
• Age should be between 16-25 years

5. Assistant Coffee Technician

About This Program;

Name: Assistant Coffee Technician
Duration: 460 hours
Medium: English/Nepali
Group Size: 30 people
Type: Short-term program

Assistant Coffee Technician is a short-term program offered by CTEVT. It is a program with 460 hours of duration. The trainees get information and abilities necessary for cultivating coffee. The goal of this coffee technician program is to generate lower-level technical workers who are knowledgeable and skillful in coffee production technologies. It enables the trainees to obtain opportunities for employment at a wage and self-employment in the relevant professional field.

The Objectives of this program are:

  • To choose a site for a coffee plantation
  • To manage a nursery
  • To plan a crop cycle and field management calendar
  • To manage fertilizer
  • To manage coffee fields and trees
  • To protect coffee plants
  • To harvest and process coffee
  • To maintain coffee quality
  • To market coffee

Entry criteria: 

• Minimum of eight class passes or equivalent
• Minimum of 14 years of age

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