Science and Technology

  1. Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)-Pokhara Univeristy
  2. Master of Science in Environmental Management-Pokhara University
  3. Master of Computer Science (MSc CS) - Pokhara University
  4. Master of Science in Natural Resources Management (MSc.NRM)-Pokhara University
  5. Master of Science in Construction Management (MSc.CM)-Pokhara University
  6. Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Water Resource Management-Pokhara University
  7. Masters in Computer Application (MCA) – Purbanchal University
  8. Master of Engineering in Earthquake (ME in Earthquake) - Purbanchal University
  9. Master of Science in Environment Administration and Management – Pubanchal University
  10. M.Sc in Information System Engineering - Purbanchal University
  11. M.Sc in Urban Design and Conservation - Purbanchal University
  12. M.Sc in Meat Technology - Purbanchal University
  13. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) - Purbanchal University
  14. Bachelor of Technology in Food (B Tech Food) - Tribhuvan University
  15. Bachelor of Dairy Technology - Purbanchal University
  16. Bachelor of Food Technology - Purbanchal University
  17. Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology (B.Tech.) - KU
  18. Master of Science in Dairy Technology- Purbanchal University
  19. Bachelor in Biomedical engineering- Purbanchal University
  20. Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering- Purbanchal University
  21. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)- Purbanchal University
  22. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry- Purbanchal University
  23. Bachelor of Technology in Bio-technology- Purbanchal University
  24. Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry- Purbanchal University
  25. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc MLT)- Pokhara University
  26. BSc Microbiology - Tribhuvan University
  27. BSc Physics - Tribhvan University
  28. BSc Chemistry - Tribhuvan University
  29. BSc Maths - Tribhuvan University
  30. MSc in Chemistry - Tribhuvan University
  31. Bachelor in Geomatics Engineering | BGE - Tribhuvan University
  32. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Environmental Science - KU
  33. Bachelor Of Technology (B.Tech.) in Environmental Engineering - KU
  34. Certificate in Diagonistic Radiography (CDR) - CTEVT
  35. Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Biotechnology - KU
  36. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) - Purbanchal University