KIST Medical College (KISTMC)

KIST Medical College (KISTMC)

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KIST Medical College, often known as KISTMC, was established in 2006 A.D. It is affiliated with Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) (TU). It is located on KIST Hospital Road in Lalitpur, in the Kathmandu Valley. KIST Teaching Hospital has established itself as one of the most popular learning environments for health professionals, students, and teachers from both within and outside the country. This is one of the best dental colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal that offers various programs in dental sciences. The mission of KISTMC is to promote and practice the greatest principles and ethics in medical education while training global-standard medical professionals by utilizing the modern facilities and cutting-edge technology for outstanding and specialized health care in the region.

Why KIST Medical College?

OPD Services: Pharmacy Emergency Physiotherapy Clinical Laboratory Services, IPD Dialysis Service Endoscopy and NPL DOTS Clinic Radiology & Imaging (24 Hours) Preventive Health Package

Programs Offered at KIST Medical College

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
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