Khwopa Secondary School

Khwopa Secondary School

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Khwopa Secondary School is located in Dekocha, Bhaktapur, Nepal. It delivers high-quality education, and the municipality has taken bold steps toward attaining its long-term vision for Bhaktapur’s overall growth. In its ten-year history, this institution has established itself as one of the best-equipped schools in the country.
Khwopa Secondary School’s mission statement is to develop global leaders with strong theoretical knowledge, competence, and skill. Regular courses, in-depth practical projects, field trips, and report writing are the components of each student’s success at Khwopa Secondary School.
Course offered:

  • Ten Plus Two (+2) Science
  • Ten Plus Two (+2) Management
  • Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities
  • Ten Plus Two (+2) Law
  • Ten Plus Two (+2) Education
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