Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute

Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute

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Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Nursing

Khwopa Polytechnic Institute is located in Chyamhasingh, Bhaktapur, Nepal first community-based technical institution was built in 2003 AD with the help of educationists and intellectuals. The institute’s mission is to deliver high-quality technical education at a reasonable cost, with the goal of producing mid-level skilled and competent employees. It has established itself as one of the greatest well-equipped educational institutes in the country, with national recognition and excellent academic outcomes, in less than a decade since its inception. Graduates of the institute have demonstrated their ability in a variety of fields and have successfully held prestigious positions both inside and outside the country. It is affiliated with CTEVT, this institute has been running a 3-year Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing and 3-year Diploma in Civil Engineering.
Offered program:

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Diploma in Nursing.
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