ChatGPT Open AI: Why You Should Avoid Chat Gpt As Student?

AI is taking over now, we have already heard about so many layoffs in the IT sector as AI works and performs complicated tasks efficiently. ChatGPTis an AI that was developed by a company named Open AI and is currently trending due to its capability. After launching within 2 months chat gpt got 10 million users. Now, you can imagine the massive use of chat gpt that Google is afraid of. There is country named Italy that is the first to ban chatGPT leading other countries to think about it. See these technologies are new and most people will not understand how far they can go and that fears out.

Currently, it has over 25 million users. The capabilities of chatGPT are very high and fast, accuracy is yet a question. Although you can do many things with the help of chatGPT here are the reasons why you should avoid using chatGPT as a student.


Using chatGPT kills your creativity

As a student, you must develop and improve your brain function by performing tasks by yourself. If you use AI then the ability to think about problems and find solutions will not be performed by your brain. Don’t let your brain become the slave of an AI. Making notes, Essay writing, and answering questions are very easy with it. If students rely too heavily on AI language models and do not engage in critical thinking or creative writing exercises, it could potentially limit their creativity over time. For example, if students rely solely on ChatGPT to generate text, they may not develop their own writing style or unique voice.


AI Will Outsmart You If You Allow For It

The other reason you should not depend on AI is it will understand you very well. Today algorithms are built like that it overtakes your smartness using your knowledge and weakness. Recently we heard the news from Japan that robots killed people, It was obtaining information from the satellite. Elon Musk said that ” AI is far more dangerous than we think”, here he means AI potentially harms humanity. AI has the potential to become superintelligent and capable of learning faster than we think. He also believes that AI can be programmed in such a way it acts against human interest.

Aski ChatGPT what it is capable of?

We have asked questions about what are activities ChatGPT is capable of and here is what we got. Now these are not exclusive and they can do more than that. As an AI language model, ChatGPT can do many activities, including:

Asking ChatGPT what it is capable of

  1. Answering questions on various topics.
  2. Generating creative writing prompts.
  3. Translating the text from one language to another.
  4. Summarizing lengthy texts into shorter versions.
  5. Recommending books, movies, or TV shows based on user preferences.
  6. Playing games like trivia, word games, and puzzles.
  7. Providing motivational quotes and positive affirmations.
  8. Offering advice on personal or professional matters.
  9. Generating jokes or puns.
  10. Creating memes and sharing them with users.
  11. Assisting with research and fact-checking.
  12. Providing daily news briefs on current events.
  13. Offering meditation or mindfulness exercises.
  14. Giving weather updates for specific locations.
  15. Recommending recipes for different types of cuisines.
  16. Assisting with language learning and practice.
  17. Offering virtual tours of famous landmarks and cities.
  18. Generating random facts or trivia.
  19. Providing math and science problem-solving help.
  20. Offering suggestions for DIY projects or home improvement ideas.


Other Reasons

Here are some of the reasons that might be improved later but currently it is hard to rely fully on ChatGPT feedback:

  1. Information is limited and context is not looked at checking all angles and we can not obtain contextual answers,
  2. Personalization is really hard on ChatGPT and you can get a personalized answer in many instances.
  3. Limited feedback ChatGPT fails to pass prelims of UPSC meaning you can get answers to many questions, and even if you get them it is not 100% accurate.


To summarize, you can not use chatGPT as a student due to reasons like it might hamper your creativity. It makes you lazy and the feedback you get is not for sure accurate and personalized. As a student, we must prepare and study self-using free research tools and think critically to solve problems. So, an open AI platform is not criticized and I mean it solves problems of corporates and other but as a student, we must avoid it.