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Fundamental Rights | मौलिक हक or मूल अधिकार | Constitution Of Nepal Part 3 Article 16-46

Fundamental Rights Are essential for an Individual, Basic, Intrinsic(अन्तरिक), Inalienable(अपरिहार्य), and Natural human rights. These rights cannot be ignored, infringed(उल्लङ्घन), or Snatched by the state or Other Individuals. (NEA, Nepal Oil Nigam) Features (विशेषताहरु) of Fundamental Rights State & citizens Not absolute – subject to

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How to check the SEE result 20792022

How to check the SEE result? (2079/2022)

In this article, we will be seeing how to check the SEE result for 2079/2022. The National Examination Board (NEB) conducts the SEE, also known as the Secondary Entrance Examination, every year. The government of Nepal, the National Examination Board (NEB), and the Office of the Controller of Examinations have published the examination results for the

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How to Study For SEE Exams

We'll go about how to study for SEE exams in this article. Taking SEE exams is stressful, but you’ll make it easier by improving how you study. Studying for your exams effectively and efficiently will keep you from feeling unprepared, and it’ll set you up for success! Part 1: Setting the foundation for later 1. Review your

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BBS V/S BBA: Course Comparison

If you're trying to study Business/Management after +2, deciding on a course might be confusing, especially deciding on BBA and BBS. These two courses seem to be very similar to each other. Taking opinions from others might not work well because some might say BBS is better, whereas others might prefer BBA. Therefore, this article is all about

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BBS Colleges Best in Kathmandu Nepal

BBS Colleges: Best in Kathmandu Nepal

In this article, we will find some of the best BBS colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal. What would you do to search for a BBS college in Kathmandu? Most of you would probably ask your parents, friends, relatives, or elders for a recommendation but you may remain unsatisfied. And if you search on the internet, the probability is, that you might land in a more

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Best Institute for Professional Cookery Course in Kathmandu, Nepal

International Hotel Training School (IHTS): Best Institute for Professional Cookery Course in Kathmandu Nepal, A Case Study

This is the case study of International Hotel Training School (IHTS) regarding why it’s the best institute in Kathmandu Nepal for Professional Cookery course. We’ve prepared this case study after a deep observation over all the professional cookery courses taught by different institutes in Kathmandu valley. We went through both the national and

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