Brothers Boys Hostel

Brothers Boys Hostel is one of the best boys’ hostels located at ThapaGaon Kathmandu, Nepal. Running a boy’s hostel is a difficult task in Nepal. It is the best hostel service for male students who are away from home. Boys are not picky about anything as compared to girls but they easily complain about the food.

The owner and warden both have focused on serving good food. The college boys or working boys who have college and workplaces in the ThapaGaon area can stay in this hostel. They can save time and transport charges too. The laundry and meat for non-veg & paneer for veg are provided two days a week in this hostel. They provide fresh food for the good health of boys. The hostel owner offers discounts on admission in some of the festive seasons like New-year, Dashain& Diwali. The warden and owner organize a party for their students on some occasions and prepares special meals on that day.

About Brothers Boys Hostel

Name: Brothers Boys Hostel
Type: Boys Hostel
Address: ThapaGaon Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 981-0477787

Infrastructure & Facilities:

• Perfect Study Environment
• Study Table & Cupboards in each room
• 24/7 hot & cold shower
• Fresh and Hygienic Food
• Laundry

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Brothers Boys Hostel is one of the best boys’ hostels in the ThapaGaon area. This hostel can be best for boys who study in institutions at ThapaGaon. Boys can save time as well as transport costs. They can utilize their saved time and money for other purposes. The hostel warden has set up a fixed timetable for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and study time for the boys to keep them disciplined.

The hostel provides discounts to students coming in groups. This boy’s hostel has a home-like environment for students away from their homes. They serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner in a day. There are single, double & triple rooms available in this hostel. Brothers Boys Hostel is suitable for those boys who love to stay in peace and a friendly environment.

Location Map of the hostel

Land Mark: ThapaGaon Kathmandu, Nepal

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