Bridge Course Preparation Institute in Kathmandu Nepal

In our previous post, we have listed the best MBBS preparation centers in Kathmandu and Best Engineering Preparation Centers in Kathmandu. This time, we have prepared the list of the Best Bridge Course Preparation Institute in Kathmandu Nepal.

What is a Bridge Course?

Bridge courses are classes that give you information from a basic course, to prepare you for a more advanced course, thus bridging between the basic and advanced courses. It is taken after passing the secondary level.

In the context of Nepal, a bridging course is basically a college preparation course with an academic curriculum that is offered to mature students as a means of preparing for the intellectual challenges of university education, successful completion of which is recognized as a basis of admission to the colleges.

List of Bridge Course Preparation Institute in Kathmandu Nepal

1.    Pathsala Education Foundation

In our list of best bridge course preparation institutes in Kathmandu, we have Pathshala Education Foundation. It is a popular name in the field of entrance preparation and abroad studies. The professional service covers counseling, entrance preparation (Bridge Course, CMAT, KUUMAT, KUMAT, and GMAT), test preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT), abroad studies (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and India) and comprehensive preparation for the interview.

Pathshala is committed to providing the best possible guidance to students in exploring their potential for a better future. It offers the right balance of practical knowledge and academic excellence that produces graduates who are ready for the real world. Pathshala pride itself on being supportive, flexible, and relevant to the current world. Its team consists of energetic and dedicated people, looking forward to serving students in a best possible way.

Offered Program

1.    St. Xavier’s entrance preparation
2.    Science entrance preparation
3.    Bridge Courses for
+2 Advance Science, Advance Management, A-Level
4.    Staff Nurse Preparation
5.    Entrance Preparation for
6.    Foreign Language
Korean, English, Denish
7.    Abroad Study
USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Germany
8.    Test Preparation
Location – New Baneshwor Chwok, New Baneshwor – Kathmandu

2.    Intel Institute

Intel Institute is a certified Institute– ISO 9001: 2000 established in 1995. It is the premier institute in Nepal for Bridge Courses and is located in heart of Kathmandu Bagbazar. Intel Institute has Purposeful classes, focused study, regular exams, periodical reviews, and feedback to improve its quality.

The Intel Bridge Course (post-SEE) has helped more than 42,500 students over 21 years to prepare for college admission and further education. The inimitable expertise and unbeatable methodology of the team have greatly assisted the students to achieve their educational goals.

You can also get additional features like personality development, counseling, and contests. So, Intel is popular for its exclusive and effective Bridge Courses. It has also established its branch office at Mahendrapul, Bastolathar. We highly recommend Intel if you are looking for best Bridge Course preparation institutes in Kathmandu valley.

Offered Program

1.    Bridge Course
2.    Advanced Science Course
3.    Advanced Management Course
4.    10+2 Entrance Preparation
5.    A-Level Bridge Course
Location – Baagbazaar Sadak, Bagbazar – Kathmandu


3.    Orbital Education Foundation

Orbital Education Foundation is also the best institutes for the bridge courses. It was established by a highly experienced and qualified team to enhance competitive entrance preparation like Staff nurse, H.A (General medicine), Lab technician, D. Pharmacy, Radiography, Dental science, Ophthalmic science, Overseers, Advanced science bridge course, etc.

Orbital Education Foundation has highly qualified teachers with the best teaching facilities in the field of nursing and medical entrance preparation. The inception of this institute is based on the principle of student-oriented learning with the best learning environment.

It has continuously been progressing ahead with the aim of providing quality education and guidance to the students. Orbital also has hostel facility and scholarship scheme up to 100 percent for school toppers, a government school, and remote area’s students.

Offered Program

1.    Bridge Course (Advanced Science, Advanced management, A-Level Course)
2.    Entrance Preparation for Staff Nurse, Lab. Technician, Radiography, Ophthalmic Science, Agriculture, H.A., D.Pharmacy, Dental Science, Overseers, Forestry, +2 Science especially for St. Xavier’s, SOS, Budhanilkantha and others)
3.    License Exam Preparation (Staff Nurse, B.Sc. Nursing, D.Pharmacy)
4.    Health Loksewa Preparation (Staff Nurse, B.Sc. Nursing, HA, CMA, ANM)
Location – Opposite NCC Bank, Bagbazar – Kathmandu


4.    Career Point Media and Research Center

Career Point Media and Training Center is another best place for bridge course in Kathmandu. It is also located at Bagbazar (Opposite of NCC Bank and Everest Bank). The center has also been providing various computer and entrance preparation classes to the interested ones.

You learn in a peaceful environment in affordable fee by the expert and experienced professors.

Offered Program

1.    Language classes (English, Korean, Chinese)
2.    Basic Computer Course
3.    Graphic Design
4.    Web Page Design
5.    Accounting Package
6.    Computer Programming
7.    Bridge Course for +2 Science and Management
8.    Entrance Preparation for Medical Course (CMA, HA, Lab Technician, Pharmacy, Staff Nurse)
9.    Entrance Preparation for Engineering (Overseer, Sub-Overseer)
Location – Opposite to NCC Bank and Everest Bank, Bagbazar – Kathmandu


5.    Leonine Education Foundation

Leonine Education Foundation was established with the mission of making learning process applied, spontaneous, and career oriented to equip each student to be a competent enough so as to excel in the global arena. It is an esteemed educational institution established with a sole objective; being innovative and offering knowledge truly in demand.

Leonine Education Foundation put forward a comfortable space, a peaceful environment, and elite lecturers who are qualified in their discipline with a step ahead in motivating and making learners keen to learn more. Through guidance, compassion, and excellence, students at Leonine become members of a diverse community sharing in a truly life-changing experience and leading them to successful careers.

It has different packages ideal for the student’s needs. Every package has its own importance. Choose one and be a part of it. Besides this, LEF also has the number of scholarship and prizes scheme. This is why we have listed the Leonine Education Institute in our best Bridge Course Preparation Institutes in Kathmandu.

Offered Program

1.    Advanced Science Course (ASC)
2.    Entrance Preparation Course (EPC)
3.    A-Level Bridge Course
4.    Staff Nurse Preparation Course
Location – Yeti Plaza, Bagbazar – Kathmandu, Kathmandu


6. B.A. Academy

B.A. Academy is established in the year 2071 BS and it offers bridge as well as crash courses for SEE appeared and other students. It also offers  Computer, Chinese and other languages, mobile and laptop repair.

The institute believes in serving students with qualitative skills and knowledge in different offered courses. It ensures that the students learn from the institute and can later compete in the job market. Also, it encourages students to develop leadership and problem-solving skills, essential for them to make creative and effective startups in the future.

Offered Program

1.    Computer Training
2.    Bridge Course
3.    Mobile and Laptop Repair Training
4.    Language Classes
5.    Test Preparation (IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT)
Location – Samakhusi Chowk, Balaju – Kathmandu

7.Alfa Beta Institute

Alfa Beta is one of the best institutes for Education Consultancy in Nepal located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has a study-friendly and congenial environment with state-of-the-art facilities for study abroad, test preparations, Language courses, and other professional training courses.

Students can be assured of getting quality and quantity educational services hand-in-hand. Some of the popular destinations for study abroad programs dealt at this consultancy are USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Finland and many more.

Likewise, to prepare students for study abroad options, Alfa Beta offers complete entry-level courses for language proficiency tests like PTE-A, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT or for aptitude tests like SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

Tutors at Alfa Beta are certified by the University of Cambridge at a C1 level according to Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language levels.

Offered Program

1.    Test Preparation (IELTS,SAT,GMAT,TOEFL,GRE,ACT,PTA-E)
2.    Study Abroad
3.    Bridge Course
4.    Entrance Preparation
Location – Alfa Beta Complex, New Baneshwor – Kathmandu


8.    NAME

NAME Institute is a quite familiar name in the Nepali institute field when it comes to preparation classes. It has been giving the best results from its establishment days (2006). This renown institute always tried to keep the best possible teachers and publish the most suitable educational materials needed for students.

                                                                           NAME Institute. Image

NAME never compromised in allotting teaching hours to the curriculum. What makes NAME different from others in the field is that they never make an unrealistic commitment to students and never claim false results. This is why NAME has been the biggest name in the field of medical institutions.

Offered Program

1.    Entrance preparation for B. Sc. in Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary, and Husbandry.
2.    BPH, BN, BMLT. BAMS, B. Optometry, BASLP and B. Sc. MIT entrance preparation.
3.    Entrance Preparation course for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
4.    MBBS (IOM & BPKIHS), BDS, Premedical entrance preparation.
Location – Opposite to Singhadurbar, Putalisadak – Kathmandu

So, the decision is yours. If you are really looking for Bridge Course Preparation Institute in Kathmandu then you can choose any one of them. Some students think that bridge course is something that is not necessary.

But the thought differs from person to person. Listen from many but take a decision by yourself. All the best!


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