Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School

Blooming Kindergarten School is located in Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal. It is the first Montessori school   in the eastern region of Nepal. The curriculum for the preschool was specially created purely based on the requirements of the child’s developmental stage. It is set up in an environment where their small minds can be allowed to explore their curiosity and their capacity for leadership and guidance.

The school offers kids quality care, providing hygienic food, filtered drinking water, and easy access to transportation. Each kid is ready for future academic and social excellence by learning how to learn. The teachers support the student’s gross motor development while encouraging them to come up with creative ideas. It emphasizes the complete development of students by involving them in both academic and extracurricular activities.

About This Montessori School

Name: Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Establishment: 2064 B.S.
Medium: English | Nepali
Address: Inaruwa, Sunsari, Nepal
Contact: 02-5584147/9842078870
Email: [email protected]
Type: Pre School


  • Playground
  • Transport
  • Music Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Montessori Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Hygienic Food
  • Purified Drinking Water

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Best Montessori In Inaruwa

Blooming Kindergarten School is one of the best preschools situated in the Inaruwa. It offers classes from playgroup to grade five. This preschool gives the kids plenty of opportunities to participate in activities and sports. It aims to provide children with a pleasant and joyful experience as well as a supportive environment for their normal emotional, social, and intellectual growth. A very well Montessori lab, a computer lab, a reading corner, kid-friendly playthings, and dance and music classes are all available. They contribute to creating a supportive learning atmosphere that encourages students to express their thoughts and emotions.

Check Out some of the pictures of Children in schools

Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School
Blooming Kindergarten Montessori School

Location Map Of This Pre-School

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