National Medical College thrashes students who demanded return of higher tuition fees


RSS: The National Medical College management thrashed the students who demanded the return of higher tuition fees, charged against the government-stipulated standards.

And students accused the management of manhandling those who approached Irate students had enforced Birgunj shutdown on Thursday in protest of the misbehavior from NMC management meted out to Medical Struggle Committee National Coordinator Prakash Chand and other students.

The MBBS first-year student of the National Medical College along with the students representing the struggle committee from Chitwan had demonstrated protest rally against atrocious behave.

The agitating students had chanted slogans such as return the high-charged fee against government-set standards and take action against those manhandling students. The protest rally taken out from the college premises marched around different parts of the city before it converged into a corner meet at Ghantaghar of Birgunj.

Addressing the corner meet, coordinator Chand accused the manager of the national medical college Barsuddin Ansari and others of thrashing them while demanding the return of the high price charged with students.

He claimed they have evidences that the college had charged each MBBS pursuing students with Rs 5.5 million to Rs 6.2 million. Chand informed they would file fraud cases against the national medical college for charging high than the fee standards set by the government.