Best Science Colleges in Biratnagar

Are you trying to find the best science colleges in Biratnagar, Nepal? You can get a list of the Best Science Colleges in Biratnagar, Nepal, on our websites. In this article, we’ll discuss the best science college in Biratnagar. After receiving their SEE results, most students select Plus 2 as their first choice.

Even if there are many A-Level and IB colleges in the country, plus two is still preferred for future studies.
Biratnagar is ideally situated for education and is home to several colleges. Do not become too confused about the colleges in Biratnagar, as there are many. Therefore, we are creating some of the best science colleges in Biratnagar.

Eligibility for Science

NEB revised the enrolment requirements.

  • The NEB’s vocational programs (Grade 11 in Animal Science, Plant Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Computer Engineering) are open to students with a 1.6 GPA or higher. No need to satisfy the requirements for each subject listed in the prior notification.
  • The program is now open to students who received a D+ in a particular topic (which, according to an earlier announcement, required a C). For instance, students who received D+s in English, Social Studies, and Nepali but C+s in Science and Mathematics are now qualified to take Grade 11 Science.

List of Best Science colleges in Biratnagar

The best science colleges in Biratnagar are listed here. To know more about the colleges, click on the name.

NameAddressContact Details
Shikshadeep CollegeBiratnagar, Morang021-450397
Merryland CollegeRangali Road, Biratnagar,Nepal(+977) 21 515540, 575275
Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple CampusBiratnagar, Morang,Nepal(977) 21 471404, + (977) 21 471438
Arniko Secondary SchoolBiratnagar-13, Tintoliya, Arnikopath, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal021-470123
Orchid CollegeMain Road, Biratnagar, Nepal021-513439,571455
Biratnagar International CollegeBrikuti Marg, Biratnagar,Nepal977-9801009090 021-500050 | 021-500170
Bhanu CollegeBiratnagar 56613984-2436287
Birat Science CampusBiratnagar, Morang, Nepal+977-21-470278
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