Best Schools in Kathmandu Nepal 2076

Today we’ve got you a list of some of the Best Schools in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal for the year 2075 BS. But before that, we want you to go directly to the bottom of this article and tell us what factors would you consider that make a school, best for the students in the comment section.

People seem to put their own opinion regarding what makes a school best. In a city like Kathmandu, you’ll find one or more school(s) in every locality. But you’ll definitely not admit your children in any one of them just because it’s nearer to your residence right?

Schools are tagged as best ones based on their facilities, infrastructures for the students, fee structures (people, in general, think that more is the fee, better is the school, and it somewhere turns out to be true as well, especially private schools that charge more against facilities and the experienced teachers and faculty members offered to the students.), result etc.

Some schools in Kathmandu are so old and carry a very good record of producing great results and alumni that people don’t even think twice before taking their names as best ones in the valley. One such school in Kathmandu is Budhanilkantha School, located in Narayanthan, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu.
Here in this article, we’re not promoting any schools of Kathmandu valley. We recommend you to choose one considering facilities and infrastructures, fee structures, location, alumni, faculty members, etc.

Before we move any further, let’s give you insight regarding whatever needed before seeing the list.

Schooling Education System in Nepal

The schooling education system in Nepal basically comprises two different levels:
1.    Basic level and
2.    Secondary level

1. Basic level

The basic level of education refers to schooling from grade one through grade eight. The grade 8 is also popular as Basic Level Examination (BLE).

2. Secondary level

The secondary level refers to ninth and tenth grade (Secondary Education Examination) as well as +2/higher secondary levels, i.e. grade eleven and twelve.

Grade 11 and 12 are administered by the National Examination Board (NEB) of Nepal.
Before the basic level of education starts, Nepalese children go through the Montessori system of education that is designed to prepare them for schooling. (Know about Montessori program via the link).

While there is vocational education alternative to the regular schooling education in Nepal too. The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) offers vocational courses in different disciplines (art, engineering, medical, education, etc. And it offers these vocational courses at different levels – secondary to higher secondary level.

What After Schooling?

After schooling, students can opt for university-level education in Nepal or abroad. University-Level education is more specific regarding what students want to study.

For example: if a student who’ve studied Science at higher secondary level want to study Physics in the Bachelor’s level, he/she can join Bachelor of Science in Physics offered by any recognized university, Tribhuvan University; Purbanchal University; Pokhara University, Mid-Western University etc. in Nepal and any other recognized university outside of Nepal as well.

Hence, schooling provides a base for whatever students want to learn further.

Schools in Nepal

There are a number of schools in different parts of Nepal. Schools in Nepal are categorized as:
1.    Governmental
2.    Public and
3.    Private

As per the given categories, respective entities control all the activities of the schools.

How to Choose Better School for Studies?

Irrespective of which entities control different schools in Nepal, the following factors determine a school as a better choice for the students:
1.    Infrastructures
2.    Teaching methodology
3.    Faculty members
4.    Facilities
5.    Affordability
6.    Output/alumni records

Based on these same factors, we’ve prepared this list here. Now let’s give you a quick overview of schools in Kathmandu valley then we’ll move forward to the names of some of the best ones in the same.

Schools in Kathmandu Valley

You’ll find all categories of schools in Kathmandu valley – governmental, public, and private.Determining the best ones for the students was a tedious task for ourselves. So we’ve considered the same aforementioned factors listed in the title “How to Choose Better School for Studies?” above to enlist the names of best schools in Kathmandu.

Best Schools in Kathmandu Nepal

Table: Best Schools in Kathmandu, Nepal – 2076

Name of the School Address Contact Number
Budhanilkantha School Narayan Than, Baaghdwar Road, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4370248
Rato Bangala School Patandhoka, Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal 01-5534318, 01-5542045, 01-5522614
Kavya School Buddhanagar, New-Baneshwor, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4780214, 01-4780310
Ullens School Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal 01-5230824
Rupy’s International School Bafal, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4282907, 01-4286972
Paragon Public School Pashupati Vision Roadway, Gaushala, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4113786
Shuvatara School Lamatar, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal 015526786, 015520742
Lincoln School Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4270482
KMC School Shankhamul Marg, Buddha Nagar, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4787111, 01-4782906
St. Xavier’s School Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal 01-5521050
Nightingale School Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal 01-5535663, 01-5541420
Triyog High School Tokha Road, Dhapasi, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4365285, 01-4381695
Ace School Gairigaun, Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4112000, 01-4112044, 9801011541
Olympia World School Shishir Marg, Babarmahal – Kathmandu, Nepal 01-4220265, 01-4220449

Some Best Schools in Kathmandu, Nepal – 2076 BS

1.    Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilkantha School was established with the sole aim of imparting quality education for “rich and poor alike” in an environment that fosters unity and equality and considered one of the best schools not just in the Kathmandu valley but heard as best by many in other parts of Nepal as well.

In the first two decades of its operation, the school was managed by a succession of British headmasters who did an excellent job of establishing and shaping the school into a center of excellence. It has excellent physical facilities of a first-grade residential school. The meritorious students come from all corners of Nepal, representing different races, ethnicities, cultures and socio-economic levels.

Apart from high academic standards, Budhanilkantha School also imparts multi-dimensional skills and leadership qualities through an array of sports and extracurricular activities. Most graduates win scholarships to attend prestigious colleges and universities all over the world.

Budhanilkantha School is managed under the Public Educational Trust, the main Trustee being the Ministry of education. The Board of Trustees and the School Management Committee (SMC) are chaired by the Education Secretary.  The Society of Ex Budhanilkantha Students (SEBS), the alumni association, and Friends of  Budhanilkantha School (FOBS) are the two organizations that keenly take interest in the welfare of the school.

The School Management Committee (SMC) is responsible for making, administering and monitoring the policies and programs. Senior Management Team (SMT) is the main body to advise and support the Principal in the overall administration of the school.  Friends of Budhanilkantha School (FOBS) is the association of parents and guardians of the students of Budhanilkantha School.

2.    Rato Bangala School

Rato Bangala School is a co-educational school that runs under the Rato Bangala Foundation and it has a teacher training institute as well. It’s another name that comes in many minds when discussed regarding some of the best schools in the valley.

Rato Bangala School has been established in the year 1992 AD and has been providing quality education since its establishment. The College equips skill oriented knowledge and communication skills in the students which helps them in their growth and development from physical as well as mental aspects.

It’s affiliated with the Bank Street College of Education, located in New York City and offers excellent service in the field of Education in Nepal, running and growing parallel with the education system adopted in the Nepalese context as well.

The school is known for its academic excellence and facilities starting from the School levels to the higher secondary level of studies. It offers school level programs for children and secondary level as well as higher secondary level programs under international affiliation.The College also provides Cambridge GCE A-Level Science and Non-Science programs to the students.

3.    Kavya School

Kavya School, located in Buddha Nagar, Newbaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal is a co-educational day as well as a boarding school that offers classes from grades 1 to 10.

The school provides various need-based scholarships to the students and encourages students that belong to different faiths, races as well as backgrounds.
It has small-sized and well-facilitated classrooms thus to keep the students closer together with a belief that it helps to build strong communication and bond between one another. Kavya School also attempts to build a good relationship with the parents of each student with a view to improving students academically and in other aspects.

4.    Ullens School

Ullens School which was established in the year 2006 offers a multifaceted and balanced curriculum within the framework of the Nepal Government’s National Curriculum for Grades 1-10 through the Ullens approach to teaching.

Since 2009, the school has been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Ullens School is the first and only IB World School in Nepal that has been authorized by the Government of Nepal to run the IBDP. Ullens School started offering HSEB program in the year 2012. The school also has its Kindergarten program.

The school maintains a partnership with the Bank Street College of Education, New York, a pioneer in innovative and progressive education. At Ullens School they respect individual differences and interests. They offer a safe and happy learning environment. Teachers of Ullens school combine gentleness with justice and maintain high standards of ethical behavior as well as intellectual achievement.

Ullens School is a not-for-profit institution run by the Ullens Education Foundation under the patronage of Belgian philanthropist Baron Guy Ullens and Myriam Ullens.

5.    Rupy’s International School

Rupy’s International School located in Bafal, Kathmandu, Nepal was established in 1982 designed to provide quality education to the student. The schools offer the Lower Secondary Level education, Secondary Level education, and A-Levels program.

Advanced Level Certificate, popularly known as A-Level, is a two years course designed and implemented by the University of Cambridge, UK. Mrs. Rupinder Singh, the Founder Director of “Rupy’s International school”, realized the definite need to create an environment for young children that is enriching both academically and spiritually.

Rupy’s firm commitment and ideas were incorporated into the creation of this school for the welfare of children. It has eight Ropanis of land helping students to grow and socialize in the wide space.

6.    Paragon Public School

Paragon Public School runs with the belief that every student has the opportunity to succeed. It ensures an environment where teachers can teach so that students can learn.

Paragon aims to nurture amazing young people who achieve their holistic and academic potential. Its year groups enjoy a curriculum of stimulating, exciting and challenging learning experiences carefully differentiated to meet the needs of all our students.

Similarly, it values all areas of learning. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students go through a vast transformation relating to emotional attachment, physical growth, and social well-being.

The progressive and well-balanced pedagogy, maintained by the dedicated mentors of Paragon, help children to identify, realize and apply their innate abilities in the daily learning and co-curricular activities.

It encourages ‘higher-order thinking and performance’ in all domains of development and takes care of all minute details to monitor the progress of children.

It makes sure that its students are supported in reaching their highest level of personal achievement through good learning habits, self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility.

Paragon uses all possible resources to engage and train children to become confident and self-reliant. The department hierarchy develops smooth mechanisms, provides proper guidance, facilitates with plans and oversees implementations and evaluations.

Similarly, children are made conscious of their duties and general responsibilities through norms concerning classroom decorum, behavioral etiquette, and maintenance of possessions and respecting everyone. Paragon does so to also gradually infuse values like fellow feeling, ethics, feeling of ownership and compassion in the young minds of the children.

So, in a nutshell, Paragon Public School proves to be a happy, fun-filled and exciting school and a wonderful place to learn and work.

7.    Shuvatara School

Shuvatara School is located in a peaceful environment in Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal. With an aim to contribute in the field of Education, Shuvatara School has been successfully providing quality education, proving it’s intense dedication and commitment. Shuvatara School aims to develop children not only mentally, but spiritually and physically with thorough extracurricular activities and events in school and outside as well.

Shuvatara School has dedicated team management, highly experienced and qualified teachers and non-teaching staff who are for the convenience and care of students as well as the school itself. It has a motto “For God and For My Country”. Shuvatara has been proving its motto with successful stories of students with flying colors every year.

8.    KMC School

KMC School, located in Shankhamul Marg, Buddha Nagar, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu is a junior wing of Kathmandu Model College (KMC), which is one of the well-renowned colleges in Nepal.

The school promises of offering an excellent academic facility to the students. KMC School comprises a qualified team of teachers and faculty members guided by a group of academicians, social workers, etc.

KMC believes in innovative teaching and learning methodology for the overall development of the students.

9.    Nightingale School

It is located at Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal. Nightingale College is a multi-disciplinary co-educated +2 institute in the Kathmandu valley.

It was founded in 2057 B. S. with Management and Science streams, has a strong commitment to producing good quality in the students, wise and honest manpower, the nation needs in the field of Management and Science, fully equipped with both theoretical and practical ideas they require to assume their responsibilities in the days ahead.

10.    Triyog High School

Triyog High School is a private English Medium School. The school is committed to providing a sound based education on the all-round development of ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘soul’ of its students. Twenty-eight years down the line, it has grown into one of the premier co-ed institutions in the country, with 1140 students and boasting a staff size of 170.

With over two decades of experience in the education field and the success achieved by the students worldwide, Triyog High School has been matured enough to foray into the field of higher education. The School regularly gets encouraging feedbacks from its ex-students who are scattered all over the world.

At Triyog High School, they always try to spell the difference between mere education and ‘quality’ education. Their effort lies in making a person educated rather than knowledgeable. They strive to extend knowledge beyond what is provided in the books towards building up curious, inquisitive, ethically and morally sound citizens who can become agents of social change in their country and learn to use their freedom judiciously.

11.    Ace School

Students love Ace for the learning environment it provides and its emphasis beyond academics. And Ace School is no different, that’s why many parents consider its name for the schooling of their children inside Kathmandu.

All the student activities revolve around inculcating the core values of the school in students, i.e.: honesty in work, sincerity in relationships, respect for self and others, responsibility for one’s actions, learning from experience, care for resources, and adherence to regulations. In the process, the children grow by continually discovering and re-discovering themselves.

The children have opportunities for seamless transition to other Ace institutions of higher education. But Ace’s experience at Ace school prepares them well to pursue higher education anywhere in the world: and, more importantly, prepare them to lead fulfilling lives with dignity.

12.    Olympia World School

Olympia World School is located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a secondary school offering its services from Grade 1 to 12. The school offers curricula supervised by Secondary Education Examination (SEE) up to grade 10 and Ten plus Two (+2) Management Stream course affiliated with Nepal Education Board (NEB).

Olympia World School is one of the most distinguished academic institutions in Nepal. The secondary school is committed to providing quality education for the development of its student’s academics to compete in the present technologically advanced and digitized world.

We’ll keep on updating the list for you, so keep following us. Also, do write to us which one of the aforementioned schools from Kathmandu valley you think is the best.

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