Best Plus Two Colleges in Biratnagar

Are you searching for the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar?
Then, don’t go because we are here to help find you the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar.

After receiving their SEE results, the majority of students choose Plus 2. Although the country has a variety of A-Level and I.B. colleges, many still favor plus two for higher education.

Colleges are always a part of a student’s identity. Parents nowadays want their children to attend the top colleges in the area. They want their children to study with the best professors in schools and universities that have all of the essential educational resources. Therefore, after graduating class 10, students in Nepal begin their search for the best +2 colleges. Students pick faculties such as science, business, management, and others that interest them the most and contribute to the growth of their chosen profession at this level.

Why Choose Biratnagar?

Biratnagar is a popular educational destination in the country. Students from throughout the country come here to further their education. Nepal offers a fantastic selection of schools to choose from, from various boards to diverse backgrounds to different cost ranges; there’s something for everyone. However, the problem of choosing between all of the options is all too real. It’s impossible!! So, to narrow it down, below are the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar if you want the most incredible amenities, education quality, and school for a kid.

List of best plus two colleges in Biratnagar

  • Everest Secondary School

    Everest Secondary School is located in Biratnagar, Morang, part of Eastern Nepal’s Province-1. It was founded in 2050 B.S and offers a +2 in science, management, and hotel management. The school aims to grow into an exceptional educational institution capable of developing a skilled and efficient workforce in today’s competitive world while preventing academic unemployment and brain drain. These qualities make it one of the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar.

  • St. Joseph’s Higher Sec. School
    St. Joseph’s Secondary School (SJS) is in Biratnagar, Tinpaini, Nepal, and is part of the Province-1. It was founded in 1978 A.D. and is one of the schools in the Eastern region of Nepal organized by well-built teams and well-liked by everybody. For interested pupils, this institution provides various programs such as secondary school, +2 science, management, commerce, and hotel management. In addition, the school has separate residential facilities for girls and boys, as well as large playfields for all types of outdoor activities, a swimming pool, cafeteria, audio-visual classrooms, science and computer labs, library, well-managed transportation, round-the-clock electricity, and a plethora of extracurricular activities. So, look no further than St. Joseph’s Higher Sec. School as it is one of the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar.

  • Morang Model Residential School

    Morang Model Residential Higher Secondary School is at Urlabari-3, Morang, Biratnagar, in Eastern Nepal’s Province-1. This School is a well-known and well-run school that provides a welcoming environment where students get a high-quality education. Students are able to learn in a healthy, pleasant, and educational environment. So, it is one of the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar.

  • Lord Buddha Secondary School

    Lord Buddha Secondary School, a private institution located in Shahi Marga, Biratnagar-13 Morang district of Nepal, was founded in 2002. It is associated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and is recognized by Nepal’s Ministry of Education; and also offers +2 programs in Science, Management, Computer Science, Hotel Management, and two others. Hence, it has identified itself as one of the best plus two colleges in Biratnagar.

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