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In this article, we will focus on the best mobile apps for students. Acknowledging the struggle of every student who is having a hard time finding perfect mobile applications I have categorized mobile applications into 5 types that comprise unique applications which will make contributions to various aspects of your personal & academic life. The 5 types of mobile apps that every student must have are Vocabulary building apps, Grammar improvement apps, Knowledge-enhancing apps, Time Management apps, and Habit tracking apps. I have also attached the download link from where you can download those apps. These apps perform specific functions and will make major contributions to your career as well.

I love minimalist apps which give me exactly what I need and nothing more. The apps that I am about to recommend to you are my personal favorite also I am certain that they will change your life for good. The mobile apps which I am about to recommend are very easy to use and immensely productive. I have been using them for over 5 years without any issues. Without any further ado, let’s go through all of them in detail.

#1 Vocabulary building apps. 

Vocabulary is the base of every language. Without vocabulary, we can’t manifest our feelings into words. We use words to express & manifest ourselves in the world. Our ability to think, express & understand is directly related to our vocabulary. If you have a poor vocabulary it hinders your reading, understanding & thinking abilities. Weak vocabulary will ultimately reflect on your academic success as well. Hence here are some mobile apps that will enrich your vocabulary.

Vocabulary Builder Test Prep

This app helps you to build your vocabulary with fun games & soothing graphics. It has relevant Quiz questions which will help you get better with every test. It not only improves your vocabulary but also helps you to prepare for tests like GRE, SAT, and TOEFL. Here, You will find definitions, examples & proper uses of those words in a sentence. It consists of three sections basic, Intermediate, and advanced. You can track your progress as you move forward also you can save your progress simply by creating an account within the app.

Along with Vocabulary Builder Test Prep, I recommend you to download at least two dictionary apps but not more than three. I recommend following dictionary apps. (English Dictionary – Offline) (Dictionary Merriam-Webster) & (Oxford Dictionary of English) are the best dictionary apps. You can search those apps in the app store or you can simply tap on the following links;-

Vocabulary Builder Test Prep:

Oxford Dictionary of English:

English Dictionary – Offline:

Dictionary Merriam-Webster:

#2 Grammar improvement apps. 

Grammar is more than just about preventing faults and errors. It is about communicating precisely and conveying our exact intention. It helps to strengthen our language & it dismisses the room for multiple interpretations of our true intentions. Grammar is what makes us well-articulated hence it is indispensable. Here are some top apps which will help students to improve grammar.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard

It is the most convenient and easy way to correct your grammar.  We can learn so much just by having conversations with friends and typing. The keyboard actively looks at our grammatical errors and acts as our writing assistant. It helps us to write clearly without any grammatical mistakes. It will check your spelling and punctuation. It recommends proper synonyms as you type and without even knowing it you will get better at no time. Hence, it ultimately helps you to avoid mistakes and make your grammatical sound.

Along with this app, I encourage you to download Cambly – (English Teacher), (Cambly English Grammar Test) & (Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards) these the are best grammar apps available. You can search those apps in the app store or you can simply tap on the following links;-

English Teacher

Cambly English Grammar Test

Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Flashcards

#3 Knowledge-enhancing apps

Knowledge is power. It is a fact that knowledge holistically empowers us. Thus it is very important to gather the right kind of information to become knowledgeable.  Being well informed means that we are in touch with what is happening around us and all over the world. Having information about diverse topics will impact our lives positively. Though there are many tempting mobile applications from which you can gather knowledge & information. I would recommend just two. Believe me, these two applications are so convenient & easy to use & understand that they will make you knowledgeable in no time. The following applications are my personal favorite too.

Blinkist: Key Book Insight‪s

This app has won 3 awards. 1st, Apple’s best application of 2017, United Nations world summit Award in the learning and education category & Google material design award.  This application helps you to understand an entire book in a matter of a few minutes.  It gives you two options,  you can either read or listen.  I use this app every day right after I wake up.  I generally play the audio while I am brushing my teeth or when I’m out for a walk. Without even buying a book or having to flip a page I can understand the key message the author is trying to impart throw that book.

Another app that I would like to recommend to you is (TED). It is an app that has thousands of inspiring and jaw-dropping speeches and talks in it.  you can either download the video or just played a soundtrack. All the speakers who give speeches at TED Talks are distinguished and highly celebrated. These Speakers do extensive research before they speak on some topic.  Hence their TED talk is highly reliable & informative. Kindly find the link to these two apps below:

Blinkist: Key Book Insight‪s:


#4 Time Management apps.

Most students fail to organize their time efficiently. It happens for many reasons like the inability to allocate time, prioritize work & divide work. Sometimes we tend to overdo our work and sometimes we barely make time for our most important work. Thus, poor time management affects us in numerous ways. It directly affects our work and mental health. The app that I am about to recommend to you below will be your lifelong companion.

Pomodoro Timer 

It is a fact that our human brain cannot focus for a long period. Scientists and Various researchers have proved that the human brain can store information better if we intake information in smaller pieces and take small breaks in between. Many students face challenges like a lack of focus. It is not because students are lazy it is simply because they do not know how to focus & prioritize work. The Pomodoro technique is a time management technique that enables us to utilize our time efficiently.  It helps us to break our work into smaller fragments & separates work hours by providing breaks in between. These short breaks or intervals are called pomodoros. Once you set up a task and start the times it will fix your work hours and sets your focus time & break time. It provides you a short break and long break both depending upon the number of Pomodoro sessions.

You can find lots of Pomodoro timer apps in the Play Store or App store but I recommend you to download Pomodoro Timer Pro because it does not have any ads.  The pro version is also a paid version so I recommend you to download Happy Mod,  which is an application that will help you to crack paid mobile applications. You can search and download the app in the app store or buy the pro version. If you cannot afford the pro version of the app I recommend that you download the Happy Mod. The download links are given below:

Happy Mod

Pomodoro Timer Pro

#5 Habit tracking apps. 

Our habit is what shapes our life and personality. The intrinsic quality of habit is that it is mostly unconscious and repetitive. It grows stronger as we repeat them making them permanent and hard to change. Habit can be automatic and impulsive as well. This is why everyone must develop good habits.  Various scientific research has established that forming a new habit, can take us anywhere from 18 to 254 days and on average up to 66 days to form a new habit.

These two apps will help you to make or break habits. Make sure that you download at least one of them.

Loop Habit Tracker:

What I love about this app is it’s very minimalistic & very simple to use. It is also free from advertisements. It helps you to keep track of the days when you successfully reinforced your new habit or failed to keep up with it. It works both online and offline. You can also upload your habit data to spreadsheets as well. It is so simple to use that you can simply keep on tracking your habit by putting a checkmark and Crossmark. Later the charts will show the strength of your habits.

Fabulous: Daily Routine Planner

This app has won Google’s material design award for most charming engagement and it was also nominated for Google Play’s Best App Award. This is a science-based app that is designed to motivate its user to achieve fitness goals to ensure overall physical & mental well-being.  This app is very interactive and has a very colorful design. For those students who are suffering from ADHD, lack of focus, lack of motivation, and Insomnia this app must be on your smartphone. It will help you to establish a routine, it will help you to celebrate your small success and it will motivate you to perform better and keep your habit on a proper track.

Loop Habit Tracker:

Fabulous: Daily Routine Planner

In our student life & professional life now and then we download mobile applications hoping they will benefit us. Generally, we have such a hard time finding the perfect mobile applications. Even if we find what we were looking for we end up uninstalling them because some are too sophisticated to use, some are very annoying & some are just full of advertisements. Thus, it is so hard to discover the perfect mobile applications. I hope that the aforementioned mobile application will introduce a drastic positive change in your life & career and I hope it will enable you to perform better in your academics and professional life as well.


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