Best Make-up/Beauty Studios/Academies in Kathmandu Nepal

Here you’ll find some of the best make-up/beauty studios/academies in Kathmandu Nepal.

Make-up/beauty studios offer make-up services that include the use of different products to perform a make-over of the face, eyes, brows, lips, hair, and body.

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Best Make-up/Beauty Studios/Academies in Kathmandu Nepal

Similarly, these encourage the use of quality and authentic cosmetic products for the face, hair, and body that enhance the looks of an individual without deteriorating his/her natural beauty and glow.

The make-up or beauty academies, not just only offer make-up and beauty services but also teaches about them. The courses range from basic to advanced and professional levels and teach about make-up tools, products, quality, and applications.

These studios/academies also counsel on skincare and treatment and the usage of the right cosmetics and skin products that are available in the market.

Let’s give a quick review of make-up services and courses that are available in the market and then we’ll jump onto the list of best studios/academies in Kathmandu that offer them.

Make-up/Beauty Services and Training Courses

  • Face: Make-over, Products, Cosmetics, Treatment

Face Makeup

  • Eyes: Make-over, Products, Cosmetics, Treatment

Eyes Makeup

  • Lips: Make-over, Products, Cosmetics, Treatment

Lips Makeup

  • Body: Make-over, Products, Cosmetics, Treatment

Body Makeup

  • Skin: Skin Care, Treatment, Cosmetics, Products, Make-over

Skin Makeup

  • Hairdo: Styling, Products, Treatment


  • Nail: Nailarts, Products, Treatment, Styling, Nailcare

Nail Makeup

  • Make-up Tools: Introduction, Usage, Maintenance

Makeup Tools

How important are these services and training to people?

Everyone wants to look good. Everybody has to look good. Good looks and attractiveness give us confidence and motivation to work hard.

Similarly, it’s important to look presentable in the type of surrounding that we humans have created ourselves.

Good make-over not just gives us self oneself-confidence but a positive message to others as well that we care about ourselves.

And if you can improve how you look just by spending some time with quality cosmetics and products, it’s worth it, right?

It’s all our opinion and you’re free to give yours. Don’t forget to write us in the comments right after you finish reading this article.

Now without any further delay, let’s take you to the list of make-up studios/academies that are the best ones in Kathmandu valley right now.

Best Make-up/Beauty Studios/Academies in Kathmandu Nepal

Table: best make-up beauty studios/academies in Kathmandu Nepal
Name of the Institute Address Contact
Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio 1st floor, Narsingh Complex, Sankhamul-31, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu 9810059458
GlowToGlow The Beauty Studio Pipalbot, Chabahil, Kathmandu 9849906142, 9851119389
  • Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio

Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio, located at Shankhamul, Kathmandu, is Nepal’s first such Beauty & Makeup Academy which provides and offers professional Beauty & Makeup Courses beyond conventional beauty courses in the country. It is one of the Best Make-up/Beauty Studios/Academies in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Students looking to pursue their career in the field of Beauty & Makeup and enter into the diverse field of the glamour world can get the best of the courses designed by Aesthete Makeup Academy. Beyond the conventional teaching and practice currently deep-rooted in Nepal that Beauty courses mean just training for a Beauty parlor, Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio has redefined the way students view Beauty Courses and the career opportunity this degree can offer.

Anisha Sharma Regmi, an Internationally Trained Beauty Expert and tutor (trained in Bangkok), takes care of all the training-related aspects. She possesses vast experience working in South East Asian Countries. Currently, she is the Director of Aesthete Makeup Academy & Studio.

Courses Offered:

  1. Masters in Professional Makeup Artistry
  2. Diploma in Makeup Artistry

  • GlowToGlow The Beauty Studio

GlowToGlow The Beauty Studio is located in Chabahil Pipalbot, Kathmandu, Nepal. It offers beauty, make-up, and hair services as well as classes to anyone seeking make-up services and training respectively.

The make-up and hair services include all sorts of make-up and hairstyling including normal, professional, stylish, trendy, classy, bridal, etc.

Similarly, girls who are to marry can get bridal make-up and hair service from make-up professionals at GlowToGlow The Beauty Studio.

Talking about its team, it comprises a team of highly qualified and expert professionals who make sure that the individuals who seek make-up and beauty services from the studio or people who want to learn the make-up art, get the best of their experience.

The team is led by Binita Shah, who herself is a make-up and hair artist, certified from Russia as a Hair Do Trainer. Similarly, she has trained at USA-based DressYourFace Academy as a beauty and hair trainer.

Therefore, Binita Shah has reasonable experience (around 7 years) in the field and is now serving through her studio by performing the art herself as well as by teaching others.

She even makes video tutorials that are available on the Facebook page and YouTube of GlowToGlow The Beauty Studio. Let’s show you one of such videos here.

Courses Offered:

  1. Make-up
  2. Hairdo
  3. Nail Art

Services Offered:

  1. Facial
  2. Nail Arts
  3. Manicure/Pedicure
  4. Eyelashes extensions

Final Words

This list is based on our case study on make-up and beauty studios/academies that are located in Kathmandu, Nepal. And we’ll keep updating this list for you.

Feel free to recommend to us any other name(s) that you think we’ve missed in this list and deserve(s) to be listed as the best one(s) for make-up service and course training in Kathmandu Nepal.

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